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* Copyright 2009 10gen, Inc.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#ifndef PHP_MONGO_H
#define PHP_MONGO_H 1
#define PHP_MONGO_VERSION "1.0"
#define PHP_MONGO_EXTNAME "mongo"
// resource names
#define PHP_CONNECTION_RES_NAME "mongo connection"
#define PHP_AUTH_CONNECTION_RES_NAME "mongo authenticated connection"
// db ops
#define OP_REPLY 1
#define OP_MSG 1000
#define OP_UPDATE 2001
#define OP_INSERT 2002
#define OP_GET_BY_OID 2003
#define OP_QUERY 2004
#define OP_GET_MORE 2005
#define OP_DELETE 2006
#define OP_KILL_CURSORS 2007
// cursor flags
#define CURSOR_ERR 2
#define MSG_HEADER_SIZE 16
#define INITIAL_BUF_SIZE 4096
#define MAX_RESPONSE_LEN 2097152
#define DEFAULT_CHUNK_SIZE (256*1024)
// if _id field should be added
#define PREP 1
#define NO_PREP 0
#define LAZY 1
#define NOT_LAZY 0
#define NOISY 0
// duplicate strings
#define DUP 1
#define NO_DUP 0
#define FLAGS 0
#define CREATE_MSG_HEADER(rid, rto, opcode) \
mongo_msg_header header; \
header.length = 0; \
header.request_id = rid; \
header.response_to = rto; \
header.op = opcode;
#define CREATE_RESPONSE_HEADER(buf, ns, ns_len, rto, opcode) \
CREATE_MSG_HEADER(MonGlo(request_id)++, rto, opcode); \
APPEND_HEADER_NS(buf, ns, ns_len);
#define CREATE_HEADER(buf, ns, ns_len, opcode) \
CREATE_RESPONSE_HEADER(buf, ns, ns_len, 0, opcode);
#define APPEND_HEADER(buf) buf.pos += INT_32; \
serialize_int(&buf, header.request_id); \
serialize_int(&buf, header.response_to); \
serialize_int(&buf, header.op); \
serialize_int(&buf, 0);
#define APPEND_HEADER_NS(buf, ns, ns_len) \
serialize_string(&buf, ns, ns_len);
#if ZEND_MODULE_API_NO >= 20090115
# define PUSH_PARAM(arg) zend_vm_stack_push(arg TSRMLS_CC)
# define POP_PARAM() zend_vm_stack_pop(TSRMLS_C)
# define PUSH_EO_PARAM()
# define POP_EO_PARAM()
# define PUSH_PARAM(arg) zend_ptr_stack_push(&EG(argument_stack), arg)
# define POP_PARAM() zend_ptr_stack_pop(&EG(argument_stack))
# define PUSH_EO_PARAM() zend_ptr_stack_push(&EG(argument_stack), NULL)
# define POP_EO_PARAM() zend_ptr_stack_pop(&EG(argument_stack))
typedef struct {
int ts;
int paired;
int master;
union {
struct {
char *host;
int port;
int socket;
int connected;
} single;
struct {
char *left;
int lport;
int lsocket;
int lconnected;
char *right;
int rport;
int rsocket;
int rconnected;
} paired;
} server;
char *username;
char *password;
} mongo_link;
typedef struct {
int length;
int request_id;
int response_to;
int op;
} mongo_msg_header;
typedef struct {
unsigned char *start;
unsigned char *pos;
unsigned char *end;
} buffer;
typedef struct {
zend_object std;
zval *current;
zval *query;
zval *fields;
int limit;
int skip;
// response header
mongo_msg_header header;
// connection
mongo_link *link;
// collection namespace
char *ns;
// response fields
int flag;
long long cursor_id;
int start;
zend_bool started_iterating;
// number of results used
int at;
// number results returned
int num;
// results
buffer buf;
} mongo_cursor;
typedef struct {
zend_object std;
char *id;
} mongo_id;
typedef struct {
zend_object std;
zval *link;
zval *name;
} mongo_db;
typedef struct {
zend_object std;
// parent database
zval *parent;
// db obj
mongo_db *db;
// names
zval *name;
zval *ns;
} mongo_collection;
#define BUF_REMAINING (buf->end-buf->pos)
#define CREATE_BUF(buf, size) buffer buf; \
buf.start = (unsigned char*)emalloc(size); \
buf.pos = buf.start; \
buf.end = buf.start + size;
#define DEBUG_BUF(buf) \
unsigned char *temp = buf.start; \
while(temp != buf.pos) { \
php_printf("%d\n", *temp++); \
* Mongo class
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, __construct);
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, connect);
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, pairConnect);
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, persistConnect);
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, pairPersistConnect);
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, connectUtil);
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, __toString);
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, selectDB);
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, selectCollection);
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, dropDB);
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, repairDB);
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, lastError);
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, prevError);
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, resetError);
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, forceError);
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, close);
PHP_METHOD(Mongo, __destruct);
* MongoUtil class
PHP_METHOD(MongoUtil, toIndexString);
* Internal functions
void mongo_do_up_connect_caller(INTERNAL_FUNCTION_PARAMETERS);
void mongo_do_connect_caller(INTERNAL_FUNCTION_PARAMETERS, zval *username, zval *password);
int mongo_say(mongo_link*, buffer* TSRMLS_DC);
int mongo_hear(mongo_link*, void*, int TSRMLS_DC);
int get_reply(mongo_cursor* TSRMLS_DC);
void mongo_init_Mongo(TSRMLS_D);
void mongo_init_MongoDB(TSRMLS_D);
void mongo_init_MongoCollection(TSRMLS_D);
void mongo_init_MongoCursor(TSRMLS_D);
void mongo_init_MongoGridFS(TSRMLS_D);
void mongo_init_MongoGridFSFile(TSRMLS_D);
void mongo_init_MongoGridFSCursor(TSRMLS_D);
void mongo_init_MongoUtil(TSRMLS_D);
void mongo_init_MongoId(TSRMLS_D);
void mongo_init_MongoCode(TSRMLS_D);
void mongo_init_MongoRegex(TSRMLS_D);
void mongo_init_MongoDate(TSRMLS_D);
void mongo_init_MongoBinData(TSRMLS_D);
zend_object_value mongo_init_Mongo_new(zend_class_entry* TSRMLS_DC);
zend_object_value mongo_init_MongoDB_new(zend_class_entry* TSRMLS_DC);
long num_links,num_persistent;
long max_links,max_persistent;
long allow_persistent;
int auto_reconnect;
char *default_host;
long default_port;
int request_id;
int chunk_size;
#ifdef ZTS
#include <TSRM.h>
# define MonGlo(v) TSRMG(mongo_globals_id, zend_mongo_globals *, v)
# define MonGlo(v) (mongo_globals.v)
mongo_cursor* mongo_do_query(mongo_link*, char*, int, int, zval*, zval* TSRMLS_DC);
int mongo_do_has_next(mongo_cursor* TSRMLS_DC);
zval* mongo_do_next(mongo_cursor* TSRMLS_DC);
extern zend_module_entry mongo_module_entry;
#define phpext_mongo_ptr &mongo_module_entry
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