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* Copyright 2009-2012 10gen, Inc.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#ifndef PHP_BSON_H
#define PHP_BSON_H 1
#define OID_SIZE 12
/* BSON type constants from */
#define BSON_DOUBLE 0x01
#define BSON_STRING 0x02
#define BSON_OBJECT 0x03
#define BSON_ARRAY 0x04
#define BSON_BINARY 0x05
#define BSON_UNDEF 0x06
#define BSON_OID 0x07
#define BSON_BOOL 0x08
#define BSON_DATE 0x09
#define BSON_NULL 0x0A
#define BSON_REGEX 0x0B
#define BSON_DBREF 0x0C
#define BSON_CODE__D 0x0D
#define BSON_SYMBOL 0x0E
#define BSON_CODE 0x0F
#define BSON_INT 0x10
#define BSON_TIMESTAMP 0x11
#define BSON_LONG 0x12
#define BSON_MINKEY 0xFF
#define BSON_MAXKEY 0x7F
#define GROW_SLOWLY 1048576
#define INVALID_STRING_LEN(len) (len < 0 || len > (64*1024*1024))
#define CREATE_BUF_STATIC(n) char b[n]; \
buf.start = buf.pos = b; \
buf.end = b+n;
int php_mongo_serialize_size(char *start, buffer *buf TSRMLS_DC);
/* driver */
int php_mongo_serialize_element(const char*, zval**, buffer*, int TSRMLS_DC);
/* objects */
void php_mongo_serialize_date(buffer*, zval* TSRMLS_DC);
void php_mongo_serialize_regex(buffer*, zval* TSRMLS_DC);
void php_mongo_serialize_code(buffer*, zval* TSRMLS_DC);
void php_mongo_serialize_ts(buffer*, zval* TSRMLS_DC);
void php_mongo_serialize_bin_data(buffer*, zval* TSRMLS_DC);
void php_mongo_serialize_int32(buffer*, zval* TSRMLS_DC);
void php_mongo_serialize_int64(buffer*, zval* TSRMLS_DC);
/* simple types */
void php_mongo_serialize_double(buffer*, double);
void php_mongo_serialize_string(buffer*, char*, int);
void php_mongo_serialize_long(buffer*, int64_t);
void php_mongo_serialize_int(buffer*, int);
void php_mongo_serialize_byte(buffer*, char);
void php_mongo_serialize_bytes(buffer*, char*, int);
void php_mongo_serialize_key(buffer*, const char*, int, int TSRMLS_DC);
void php_mongo_serialize_ns(buffer*, char* TSRMLS_DC);
int php_mongo_write_insert(buffer*, char*, zval*, int max TSRMLS_DC);
int php_mongo_write_batch_insert(buffer*, char*, int flags, zval*, int max TSRMLS_DC);
int php_mongo_write_query(buffer*, mongo_cursor* TSRMLS_DC);
int php_mongo_write_get_more(buffer*, mongo_cursor* TSRMLS_DC);
int php_mongo_write_delete(buffer*, char*, int, zval* TSRMLS_DC);
int php_mongo_write_update(buffer*, char*, int, zval*, zval* TSRMLS_DC);
int php_mongo_write_kill_cursors(buffer*, int64_t TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_mongo_set_type(buf, type) php_mongo_serialize_byte(buf, (char)type)
#define php_mongo_serialize_null(buf) php_mongo_serialize_byte(buf, (char)0)
#define php_mongo_serialize_bool(buf, b) php_mongo_serialize_byte(buf, (char)b)
int resize_buf(buffer*, int);
int zval_to_bson(buffer*, HashTable*, int TSRMLS_DC);
char* bson_to_zval(char*, HashTable* TSRMLS_DC);
* Initialize buffer to contain "\0", so mongo_buf_append will start appending
* at the beginning.
void mongo_buf_init(char *dest);
* Takes a buffer and a string to add to the buffer. The buffer must be large
* enough to append the string and the string must be null-terminated. This will
* not work for strings containing null characters (e.g., BSON).
void mongo_buf_append(char *dest, char *piece);
// reverse the bytes in an int
// wheeee stupid byte tricks
#define BYTE1_32(b) ((b & 0xff000000) >> 24)
#define BYTE2_32(b) ((b & 0x00ff0000) >> 8)
#define BYTE3_32(b) ((b & 0x0000ff00) << 8)
#define BYTE4_32(b) ((b & 0x000000ff) << 24)
#define MONGO_32(b) (BYTE4_32(b) | BYTE3_32(b) | BYTE2_32(b) | BYTE1_32(b))
#define BYTE1_64(b) ((b & 0xff00000000000000ll) >> 56)
#define BYTE2_64(b) ((b & 0x00ff000000000000ll) >> 40)
#define BYTE3_64(b) ((b & 0x0000ff0000000000ll) >> 24)
#define BYTE4_64(b) ((b & 0x000000ff00000000ll) >> 8)
#define BYTE5_64(b) ((b & 0x00000000ff000000ll) << 8)
#define BYTE6_64(b) ((b & 0x0000000000ff0000ll) << 24)
#define BYTE7_64(b) ((b & 0x000000000000ff00ll) << 40)
#define BYTE8_64(b) ((b & 0x00000000000000ffll) << 56)
#define MONGO_64(b) (BYTE8_64(b) | BYTE7_64(b) | BYTE6_64(b) | BYTE5_64(b) | BYTE4_64(b) | BYTE3_64(b) | BYTE2_64(b) | BYTE1_64(b))
#define MONGO_32(b) (b)
#define MONGO_64(b) (b)
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