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#ifndef __MCON_MINI_BSON_H__
#define __MCON_MINI_BSON_H__
#include "types.h"
mcon_str *bson_create_ping_packet(mongo_connection *con);
mcon_str *bson_create_ismaster_packet(mongo_connection *con);
mcon_str *bson_create_rs_status_packet(mongo_connection *con);
mcon_str *bson_create_getnonce_packet(mongo_connection *con);
mcon_str *bson_create_authenticate_packet(mongo_connection *con, char *database, char *username, char *nonce, char *key);
char *bson_skip_field_name(char *data);
int bson_find_field_as_array(char *buffer, char *field, char **data);
int bson_find_field_as_document(char *buffer, char *field, char **data);
int bson_find_field_as_double(char *buffer, char *field, double *data);
int bson_find_field_as_bool(char *buffer, char *field, unsigned char *data);
int bson_find_field_as_int32(char *buffer, char *field, int32_t *data);
int bson_find_field_as_string(char *buffer, char *field, char **data);
int bson_array_find_next_string(char **buffer, char **field, char **data);
int bson_array_find_next_embedded_doc(char **buffer);
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