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Fixed PHP-633: findAndModify sometimes throws exception on success

Looks like we are getting a float back from the server, which we
are accessing like a unconverted normal long
Although I cannot reproduce this, I suspect this to be the issue
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commit fa5df71b37744ffdff808cb5fe780373524b491b 1 parent 09790a0
@bjori bjori authored derickr committed
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  collection.c
2  collection.c
@@ -1811,7 +1811,7 @@ static int php_mongo_trigger_error_on_command_failure(zval *document TSRMLS_DC)
zval **tmpvalue;
if (zend_hash_find(Z_ARRVAL_P(document), "ok", strlen("ok") + 1, (void **) &tmpvalue) == SUCCESS) {
- if (Z_LVAL_PP(tmpvalue) < 1) {
+ if ((Z_TYPE_PP(tmpvalue) == IS_LONG && Z_LVAL_PP(tmpvalue) < 1) || (Z_TYPE_PP(tmpvalue) == IS_DOUBLE && Z_DVAL_PP(tmpvalue) < 1)) {
zval **tmp, *exception;
char *message;
long code;

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I'm debugging some odd issues in our setup and suspect this may have been the problem. Do you have an idea what circumstances might cause a float to be returned? thanks! @bjori


The original reporter was running on windows, and that is the only difference I can see - although it really shouldn't have mattered.
He has confirmed that this did fix the issue for him..
I did manage to reproduce it eventually by trying out various mongod versions on different platforms.

The code was overly protective about the specific type, so it was "wrong all along"



I am running mongodb on Debian 6.0 and I am having the same problem with the 'ok' attribute associated with a float type value.

I looked at the fix that you did on:

and the latest version of mongo-php-driver that I get using:
git clone

contains this fix. Still, when I print the result of findandmodify, the type of the attribute 'ok' remains float.

The problem could be that I install the driver using the:

sudo make install (I am on Debian 6.0)

rather than what you suggested:
php -n -dextension=modules/ path/to/script.php

but this is because I don't understand what the path/to/script.php should be, and also my php does not have -dextension option.

Here is the return from the findandmodify that I get:

array(3) { ["value"]=> array(2) { ["_id"]=> string(7) "refinid"
["key"]=> int(3) } ["lastErrorObject"]=> array(2) {
["updatedExisting"]=> bool(true) ["n"]=> int(1) } ["ok"]=> float(1)

and the query on the db is:
$result = $this->db->command(
'findAndModify' => 'counters',
'query' => array(
'_id' => 'refinid'),
'update' => array('$inc' => array('key' => 1)),
'upsert' => 1,
'new' => 1

I would be very grateful for your help.

Best regards,


Sorry I forgot to say that I got the command:
php -n -dextension=modules/ path/to/script.php



PHP has had -dextension=... option since around PHP4.3 I think, so you definitely have that option :)

Can you verify that 'make install' actually overwrite your previous version? Please run:
$ php --ri mongo | grep -i vers

It shouldn't matter that the document returns a float(1) now, we don't cast it to an integer, rather simply check if the "ok" field is either less then int(1) or less then float(1)

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