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How to the value of _id field? #198

ejzhang opened this Issue Jan 7, 2016 · 3 comments

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ejzhang commented Jan 7, 2016

I use $.post method of jQuery to send a request and received the response, but the _id is empty like screen capture. How i get the value of _id or convert ObjectId to it's value in MongoDB? Thanks very much!
btw: How i format fields in MongoDB? e.g. format '20150901180116' to '2015-09-01 18:01:16'.

ZorgUK commented Jan 8, 2016

It has a __toString() method, just cast it as a string by putting (string) before the variable.

ejzhang commented Jan 8, 2016

Thank you for your reply first!
But how i to do? I try it like bellow, and have nothing.

$query = new MongoDB \ Driver \ Query (
        'FPRXM' => 'XXXXX'
        'projection' => array(
            '_id' => 0,
            'Id' => '$_id.toString()'
ejzhang commented Jan 9, 2016

I convert it to string after got cursor.

foreach ( $cursor as $v ) {
    $v->_id = (string)$v->_id;
@jmikola jmikola closed this Feb 2, 2016
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