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Officially supported PHP driver for MongoDB

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To install:

sudo make install

Then add

to your php.ini file.


See the PHP manual.


The tests are not available as part of the PECL package, but they are available on Github.
They use PHPUnit. To run the tests:

$ phpunit tests/MongoSuite.php

There must be a mongod instance running on port 27017 in order to run the tests. They also assume that php.ini sets error_reporting to E_STRICT | E_ALL.

The tests will spit out a bunch of warnings if you do not have mongo-php-driver/php on your include path, but it will just skip the tests that require that.

The tests will also attempt to create an admin user using the shell. If mongo is not on your path, you will get some output complaining about it but those tests will just be skipped.


Jon Moss

  • Came up with the idea and implemented MongoCursor implementing Iterator

Pierre-Alain Joye

  • Helped build the Windows extension and has provided the VC6 builds

Cesar Rodas

  • Created the MongoCursor::info method

William Volkman

  • Made connection code check & handle error status

Derick Rethans

  • Implemented MongoInt32, MongoInt64 and related php.ini options.
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