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# Copyright 2011-2012 10gen, Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you
# may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You
# may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# implied. See the License for the specific language governing
# permissions and limitations under the License.
"""Functions and classes common to multiple pymongo modules."""
import warnings
from pymongo import ReadPreference
from pymongo.errors import ConfigurationError
def raise_config_error(key, dummy):
"""Raise ConfigurationError with the given key name."""
raise ConfigurationError("Unknown option %s" % (key,))
def validate_boolean(option, value):
"""Validates that 'value' is 'true' or 'false'.
if isinstance(value, bool):
return value
elif isinstance(value, basestring):
if value not in ('true', 'false'):
raise ConfigurationError("The value of %s must be "
"'true' or 'false'" % (option,))
return value == 'true'
raise TypeError("Wrong type for %s, value must be a boolean" % (option,))
def validate_integer(option, value):
"""Validates that 'value' is an integer (or basestring representation).
if isinstance(value, (int, long)):
return value
elif isinstance(value, basestring):
if not value.isdigit():
raise ConfigurationError("The value of %s must be "
"an integer" % (option,))
return int(value)
raise TypeError("Wrong type for %s, value must be an integer" % (option,))
def validate_positive_integer(option, value):
"""Validate that 'value' is a positive integer.
val = validate_integer(option, value)
if val < 0:
raise ConfigurationError("The value of %s must be "
"a positive integer" % (option,))
return val
def validate_basestring(option, value):
"""Validates that 'value' is an instance of `basestring`.
if isinstance(value, basestring):
return value
raise TypeError("Wrong type for %s, value must be an "
"instance of %s" % (option, basestring.__name__))
def validate_int_or_basestring(option, value):
"""Validates that 'value' is an integer or string.
if isinstance(value, (int, long)):
return value
elif isinstance(value, basestring):
if value.isdigit():
return int(value)
return value
raise TypeError("Wrong type for %s, value must be an "
"integer or a string" % (option,))
def validate_timeout_or_none(option, value):
"""Validates a timeout specified in milliseconds returning
a value in floating point seconds.
if value is None:
return value
value = float(value)
except (ValueError, TypeError):
raise ConfigurationError("%s must be an "
"instance of int or float" % (option,))
if value <= 0:
raise ConfigurationError("%s must be a positive integer" % (option,))
return value / 1000.0
def validate_read_preference(dummy, value):
"""Validate read preference for a ReplicaSetConnection.
if value not in range(ReadPreference.PRIMARY,
ReadPreference.SECONDARY_ONLY + 1):
raise ConfigurationError("Not a valid read preference")
return value
# jounal is an alias for j,
# wtimeoutms is an alias for wtimeout
'replicaset': validate_basestring,
'slaveok': validate_boolean,
'slave_okay': validate_boolean,
'safe': validate_boolean,
'w': validate_int_or_basestring,
'wtimeout': validate_integer,
'wtimeoutms': validate_integer,
'fsync': validate_boolean,
'j': validate_boolean,
'journal': validate_boolean,
'connecttimeoutms': validate_timeout_or_none,
'sockettimeoutms': validate_timeout_or_none,
'ssl': validate_boolean,
'read_preference': validate_read_preference,
'auto_start_request': validate_boolean,
'use_greenlets': validate_boolean,
def validate(option, value):
"""Generic validation function.
lower = option.lower()
validator = VALIDATORS.get(lower, raise_config_error)
value = validator(option, value)
return lower, value
SAFE_OPTIONS = frozenset([
class BaseObject(object):
"""A base class that provides attributes and methods common
to multiple pymongo classes.
def __init__(self, **options):
self.__slave_okay = False
self.__read_pref = ReadPreference.PRIMARY
self.__safe = False
self.__safe_opts = {}
def __set_safe_option(self, option, value, check=False):
"""Validates and sets getlasterror options for this
object (Connection, Database, Collection, etc.)
if value is None:
self.__safe_opts.pop(option, None)
if check:
option, value = validate(option, value)
self.__safe_opts[option] = value
self.__safe = True
def __set_options(self, options):
"""Validates and sets all options passed to this object."""
for option, value in options.iteritems():
if option in ('slave_okay', 'slaveok'):
self.__slave_okay = validate_boolean(option, value)
elif option == 'read_preference':
self.__read_pref = validate_read_preference(option, value)
elif option == 'safe':
self.__safe = validate_boolean(option, value)
elif option in SAFE_OPTIONS:
if option == 'journal':
self.__set_safe_option('j', value)
elif option == 'wtimeoutms':
self.__set_safe_option('wtimeout', value)
self.__set_safe_option(option, value)
def __get_slave_okay(self):
"""DEPRECATED. Use `read_preference` instead.
.. versionchanged:: 2.1
Deprecated slave_okay.
.. versionadded:: 2.0
return self.__slave_okay
def __set_slave_okay(self, value):
"""Property setter for slave_okay"""
warnings.warn("slave_okay is deprecated. Please use "
"read_preference instead.", DeprecationWarning)
self.__slave_okay = validate_boolean('slave_okay', value)
slave_okay = property(__get_slave_okay, __set_slave_okay)
def __get_read_pref(self):
"""The read preference for this instance.
See :class:`~pymongo.ReadPreference` for available options.
.. versionadded:: 2.1
return self.__read_pref
def __set_read_pref(self, value):
"""Property setter for read_preference"""
self.__read_pref = validate_read_preference('read_preference', value)
read_preference = property(__get_read_pref, __set_read_pref)
def __get_safe(self):
"""Use getlasterror with every write operation?
.. versionadded:: 2.0
return self.__safe
def __set_safe(self, value):
"""Property setter for safe"""
self.__safe = validate_boolean('safe', value)
safe = property(__get_safe, __set_safe)
def get_lasterror_options(self):
"""Returns a dict of the getlasterror options set
on this instance.
.. versionadded:: 2.0
return self.__safe_opts.copy()
def set_lasterror_options(self, **kwargs):
"""Set getlasterror options for this instance.
Valid options include j=<bool>, w=<int>, wtimeout=<int>,
and fsync=<bool>. Implies safe=True.
- `**kwargs`: Options should be passed as keyword
arguments (e.g. w=2, fsync=True)
.. versionadded:: 2.0
for key, value in kwargs.iteritems():
self.__set_safe_option(key, value, check=True)
def unset_lasterror_options(self, *options):
"""Unset getlasterror options for this instance.
If no options are passed unsets all getlasterror options.
This does not set `safe` to False.
- `*options`: The list of options to unset.
.. versionadded:: 2.0
if len(options):
for option in options:
self.__safe_opts.pop(option, None)
self.__safe_opts = {}
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