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commit 59ec2fdc0883254ba8b5f19d1dbe687b42f23287 1 parent 3abf875
@behackett behackett authored
2  doc/examples/geo.rst
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ index in PyMongo.
.. note:: 2D indexes require server version **>= 1.3.4**. Support for
2D indexes also requires PyMongo version **>= 1.5.1**.
-.. mongodoc:: Geospatial+Indexing
+.. mongodoc:: geo
Creating a Geospatial Index
8 doc/examples/replica_set.rst
@@ -2,21 +2,21 @@ Connecting to a Replica Set
PyMongo makes working with `replica sets
-<>`_ easy. Here we'll launch
-a new replica set and show how to handle both initialization and normal
+<>`_ easy. Here we'll launch a new
+replica set and show how to handle both initialization and normal
connections with PyMongo.
.. note:: Replica sets require server version **>= 1.6.0**. Support
for connecting to replica sets also requires PyMongo version **>=
-.. mongodoc:: Replica+Sets
+.. mongodoc:: rs
Starting a Replica Set
The main `replica set documentation
-<>`_ contains extensive information
+<>`_ contains extensive information
about setting up a new replica set or migrating an existing MongoDB
setup, be sure to check that out. Here, we'll just do the bare minimum
to get a three node replica set setup locally.
2  doc/
@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ def process_mongodoc_nodes(app, doctree, fromdocname):
for para in node.traverse(nodes.paragraph):
tag = str(para.traverse()[1])
link = mongoref("", "")
- link["refuri"] = "" % tag
+ link["refuri"] = "" % tag
link["name"] = anchor
link.append(nodes.emphasis(tag, tag))
new_para = nodes.paragraph()
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