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+Contributing to PyMongo
+PyMongo has a large `community
+<>`_ and
+contributions are always encouraged. Contributions can be as simple as
+minor tweaks to the documentation. Please read these guidelines before
+sending a pull request.
+Bugfixes and New Features
+Before starting to write code, look for existing `tickets
+<>`_ or `create one
+<>`_ for your specific
+issue or feature request. That way you avoid working on something
+that might not be of interest or that has already been addressed.
+Supported Interpreters
+PyMongo supports CPython 2.4 and newer, PyPy, and Jython. Language
+features not supported by all interpreters can not be used (e.g.
+the `with statement
+is not supported in Python 2.4). Please also ensure that your code is
+properly converted by `2to3 <>`_ for
+Python 3 support.
+Style Guide
+PyMongo follows `PEP8 <>`_
+including 4 space indents and 79 character line limits.
+General Guidelines
+- Avoid backward breaking changes if at all possible.
+- Write inline documentation for new classes and methods.
+- Write tests and make sure they pass (make sure you have a mongod
+ running on the default port, then execute ``python test``
+ from the cmd line to run the test suite).
+- Add yourself to doc/contributors.rst :)
+To contribute to the `API documentation <>`_
+just make your changes to the inline documentation of the appropriate
+`source code <>`_ or `rst file
+<>`_ in a
+branch and submit a `pull request <>`_.
+You might also use the github `Edit <>`_

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