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Link to privilege documentation in add_user.

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@@ -618,8 +618,10 @@ def add_user(self, name, password=None, read_only=None, **kwargs):
- `password` (optional): the password of the user to create. Can not
be used with the ``userSource`` argument.
- `read_only` (optional): if ``True`` the user will be read only
- - `**kwargs` (optional): optional parameters for the user document
- (e.g. ``userSource``, ``otherDBRoles``, or ``roles``)
+ - `**kwargs` (optional): optional fields for the user document
+ (e.g. ``userSource``, ``otherDBRoles``, or ``roles``). See
+ `<>`_
+ for more information.
.. note:: The use of optional keyword arguments like ``userSource``,
``otherDBRoles``, or ``roles`` requires MongoDB >= 2.4.0

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