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require 'lib/bson'
VERSION_HEADER =, 'ext', 'cbson', 'version.h'), "r")
VERSION =\s+"(\d+\.\d+(\.\d+\w*)?)\"/)[0][0] do |s| = 'bson_ext'
s.version = VERSION
s.platform = Gem::Platform::RUBY
s.summary = 'C extensions for Ruby BSON.'
s.description = 'C extensions to accelerate the Ruby BSON serialization. For more information about BSON, see For information about MongoDB, see'
s.require_paths = ['ext']
s.files = ['Rakefile', 'bson_ext.gemspec']
s.files += Dir['ext/**/*.rb'] + Dir['ext/**/*.c'] + Dir['ext/**/*.h']
s.test_files = []
s.has_rdoc = false
s.extensions << 'ext/cbson/extconf.rb' = 'Mike Dirolf' = ''
s.homepage = ''
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