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0.19.1 2010-3-2
* Fix for HashWithIndifferentAccess in ActiveSupport-3.0
0.19 2010-3-1
* Deprecated GridFS::GridStore. Grid and GridFileSystem classes replace
the GridFS implementation with a simpler API and vastly-improved performance.
See for more details.
* Safe mode for Grid and GridFileSystem.
* Grid and GridFileSystem use Mime/Types to detect content type (if available)
* Connection API simplified. Use Connection.paired for pairs and Connection.from_uri to
use MongoDB's connection URI specification.
* Authentication can be saved so that reauthentication happens automatically
on reconnect.
* Raise exception if authentication fails.
* Raise exception if index creation fails.
* Removed a number of deprecated methods and classes.
* Several bug fixes.
* Nearing 1.0!
0.18.3 2010-1-25
* Convert docs to YARD
* Support MongoDB extended JSON on ObjectID#to_json
* ObjectID#from_time for performing date range queries on _id (thx., Sunny Hirai)
* GridStore#mv for renaming files (Matt Powell)
* Safe mode for Collection#remove (Patrick Collison)
* Support BSON types MinKey and MaxKey
* DEPRECATED Admin, XMLToRuby, and RegexpOfHolding classes.
* Handle unsupported Numeric types gracefully (Complex, Rational, BigDecimal)
* Handle unsupported Time types gracefully (Date, DateTime, ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone)
* Numerous small bug fixes
* Minor performance improvements
0.18.2 2009-12-29
* Significant GridStore performance improvement (thx., Sunny Hirai)
* Enabled support for keyf on group
* Support :query option for Collection#distinct
* Support :finalize option for Collection#group
* (0.18.1) ObjectID#generation_time returns a created_at timestamp.
* Deprecated Command#group running as a JS eval; should now be run as a command.
* Deprecated Cursor#next_object for Cursor#next_document
* Character encoding fixes for C extension
* Enforce 4MB limit on document creation
* Simplified connection pooling code
* Fixes for connection pooling on Ruby 1.8.6/Windows.
0.18.1 2009-12-05
* Fixed issue with negative dates in Ruby 1.9
* Minor refactorings for C extension and BSON classes
* Ensure UTF-8 in Ruby 1.8
* Fix for connections on non-default port (Delano Mandelbaum)
* More explicit test suite tasks for running with/without C extension.
0.18 2009-11-25
* Connections now support connection pooling. See
* Deprecated :auto_reconnect option on connection; if the driver fails to
connect, it will automatically try to reconnect on the subsequent operation.
* Added Collection#map_reduce helper (Christos Trochalakis)
* Deprecated DB#db_command in favor of DB#command.
* Removed deprecated old sort options, :offset, and Connection#clear.
* Lots of internal code restructuring for better maintainability.
0.17.1 2009-11-17
* Index ordering fix
* Notice to install mongo_ext
0.17 2009-11-16
* Performance improvements
* large document inserts twice as fast as 0.16
* queries 18% faster than 0.16 on average
* see benchmark comparison:
* Support for multi-update for Mongo >= 1.1.3 (See Collection#update)
* Collection#distinct
* Connection#copy_database (voodootikigod)
* C optimizations for ByteBuffer#to_s and ObjectID#generate (seancribbs)
* Continue code restructuring for performance and simplicity.
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