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Contributing to the MongoDB Ruby Driver

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the MongoDB Ruby driver.

We are building this software together and appreciate and encourage contributions from the community.

JIRA Tickets

The Ruby driver team uses MongoDB JIRA to schedule and track work. To report a problem with the driver, please create a new issue in the Ruby JIRA project. A ticket is appreciated, though not necessary, when submitting a pull request.

Please consult JIRA issues for existing known issues in the driver.


We recommend using rbenv to set up the Ruby development and testing environments, though other tools like RVM will also work. The driver currently supports MRI 1.9.3-2.6 and JRuby 9.1-9.2.

A MongoDB cluster is required to run the tests. Setup procedures and recommendations for various clusters, as well as how to configure the driver's test suite, are covered in the spec readme.

The driver is tested on Evergreen, MongoDB's in house continuous integration platform. After a pull request is created, one of the Ruby driver team engineers will schedule continous integration builds on Evergreen.

Pull Requests

Pull requests should be made against the master (development) branch and include relevant tests, if applicable. The Ruby driver team will backport the changes to the stable branches, if needed.

Talk To Us

We would love to hear from you. If you want to work on something or have questions please reach out to us by creating a question in JIRA.

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