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@@ -170,6 +170,18 @@ and it should just print just one document:
{"_id"=>BSON::ObjectId('4f7b20b4e4d30b35c9000049'), "i"=>71}
+#### Sorting Documents in a Collection
+To sort documents, simply use the `sort` method. The method can either take a key or an array of [key, direction] pairs to sort by.
+Direction defaults to ascending order but can be specified as Mongo::ASCENDING, :ascending, or :asc whereas descending order can be specified with Mongo::DESCENDING, :descending, or :desc.
+ # Sort in ascending order by :i
+ coll.find.sort(:i)
+ # Sort in descending order by :i
+ coll.find.sort([:i, :desc])
#### Counting Documents in a Collection
Now that we've inserted 101 documents (the 100 we did in the loop, plus the first one), we can check to see if we have them all using the `count` method.

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