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@@ -25,18 +25,18 @@ For the reference manual, use the links in the upper-left and upper-right corner
This documentation has other articles of interest, including:
-1. [A tutorial](file.TUTORIAL.html).
-2. [Replica Sets in Ruby](file.REPLICA_SETS.html).
-3. [Write Concern in Ruby](file.WRITE_CONCERN.html).
-4. [Tailable Cursors in Ruby](file.TAILABLE_CURSORS.html).
-5. [Read Preference in Ruby](file.READ_PREFERENCE.html).
-6. [GridFS in Ruby](file.GRID_FS.html).
-7. [Frequently Asked Questions](file.FAQ.html).
-8. [History](file.HISTORY.html).
-9. [Release plan](file.RELEASES.html).
-10. [Credits](file.CREDITS.html).
-Here's a quick code sample. Again, see the [MongoDB Ruby Tutorial](file.TUTORIAL.html)
+1. [A tutorial](mongo-ruby-driver/blob/master/docs/
+2. [Replica Sets in Ruby](mongo-ruby-driver/blob/master/docs/
+3. [Write Concern in Ruby](mongo-ruby-driver/blob/master/docs/
+4. [Tailable Cursors in Ruby](mongo-ruby-driver/blob/master/docs/
+5. [Read Preference in Ruby](mongo-ruby-driver/blob/master/docs/
+6. [GridFS in Ruby](mongo-ruby-driver/blob/master/docs/
+7. [Frequently Asked Questions](mongo-ruby-driver/blob/master/docs/
+8. [History](mongo-ruby-driver/blob/master/docs/
+9. [Release plan](mongo-ruby-driver/blob/master/docs/
+10. [Credits](mongo-ruby-driver/blob/master/docs/
+Here's a quick code sample. Again, see the [MongoDB Ruby Tutorial](mongo-ruby-driver/blob/master/docs/
for much more:
require 'rubygems'
@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ That's all there is to it!
# Examples
-For extensive examples, see the [MongoDB Ruby Tutorial](file.TUTORIAL.html).
+For extensive examples, see the [MongoDB Ruby Tutorial](mongo-ruby-driver/blob/master/docs/
Bundled with the driver are many examples, located in the "docs/examples" subdirectory. Samples include using
the driver and using the GridFS class GridStore. MongoDB must be running for