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RUBY-537 cleaning up how strict is used, deprecating strict #177

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In short, the goal of this change set is to eliminate all calls to fetch collection names (eg. all namespaces) unless strict mode is enabled. This has always been the documented behavior of strict, but there were a number of places like #drop_collection and #create_collection where we weren't actually using it correctly.

The driver really shouldn't ever be doing namespace checks. In addition to correcting how strict is used, I've added a deprecation for strict mode in general so that it can be phased out at a later date.

Also... while I was digging around in Collection and DB I cleaned up a few inconsistencies, style issues, white space and small bugs. If you touch it, make it better, right?

The core parts of this change set can be found here:


split up into multiple commits, fixed travis:


Still only seeing the original commit on the PR, not sure if you pushed or not.


Nevermind, see the commits in master. Closing this out.

@TylerBrock TylerBrock closed this Mar 15, 2013
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