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MongoDB Ruby Driver v1.10.0

@estolfo estolfo released this Apr 3, 2014 · 370 commits to 1.x-stable since this release

Driver version 1.10.0 has the following significant commits in addition to those in rc 1 and 0:

  • Updated internal class to account for MRI 2.1.1 hash regression (RUBY-737)
  • Documentation updates (RUBY-705)
  • Write concern tweaks
  • Use absolute path when loading jars (@helle)
  • Added ssl keyfile passphrase support (RUBY-725)

The most notable changes that went into release candidates 1 and 0 were the following:

  • Kerberos authentication support on JRuby (RUBY-530)
  • Support for $meta operator (RUBY-723)
  • Additional tests and documentation for better QA coverage
  • SASL PLAIN Authentication Support (LDAP) (RUBY-614)
  • MONGODB-X509 Authentication Support (RUBY-648)
  • Option for aggregation to return a cursor (RUBY-660)
  • Support for server automatically to abort queries/commands after user-specified time limit (RUBY-661)
  • Manipulate user objects through commands (RUBY-667)
  • $out aggregation pipeline operator support (RUBY-669)
  • New write operation methods for update, insert, remove (RUBY-676)
  • Bulk write operation support (RUBY-676)
  • allowDiskUsage option available with aggregation (RUBY-682)
  • explain option support in aggregation (RUBY-690)
  • Log a warning when user-specified read preference is ignored (RUBY-695)
  • Fix for authentication not being handled properly for unix sockets (RUBY-701)
  • Deprecation of 'save_auth' option with authentication (RUBY-708)
  • Support parallelCollectionScan command (RUBY-716)
  • Support for nolock option with DB#eval (RUBY-697)
  • Option to not compile BSON regex types (RUBY-698)
  • IPv6 support (RUBY-700)
  • createIndexes command support (RUBY-713)


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