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.TH MONGOSNIFF "1" "Jan 2010" "10gen" "Mongo Database"
mongosniff \- the Mongo packet analyzer
\fBmongosniff [\fIOPTIONS\fR] [\fI<port0> <port1> ...\fR]
is a analyzer tool for analyzing packets coming to your database.
.B \-\-forward
Forward all parsed request messages to mongod instance at specified host:port
.B \-\-source
Source of traffic to sniff, either a network interface or a file containing previously captured packets, in pcap format. If no source is specified, mongosniff will attempt to sniff from one of the machine's network interfaces.
.B \-\-help
print a short help message.
.B <port0>
These parameters are used to filter sniffing. By default, only port 27017 is sniffed.
.B \-\-help
show usage information
Copyright 2007\-2011 10gen
For more information, please refer to the MongoDB wiki, available at
Antonin Kral
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