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// @file dur_preplogbuffer.cpp
* Copyright (C) 2009 10gen Inc.
* This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3,
* as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU Affero General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <>.
we will build an output buffer ourself and then use O_DIRECT
we could be in read lock for this
for very large objects write directly to redo log in situ?
#include "pch.h"
#include "cmdline.h"
#include "dur.h"
#include "dur_journal.h"
#include "dur_journalimpl.h"
#include "dur_commitjob.h"
#include "../util/mongoutils/hash.h"
#include "../util/mongoutils/str.h"
#include "../util/alignedbuilder.h"
#include "../util/timer.h"
#include "dur_stats.h"
#include "../server.h"
using namespace mongoutils;
namespace mongo {
namespace dur {
extern Journal j;
RelativePath local = RelativePath::fromRelativePath("local");
MongoMMF* findMMF_inlock(void *ptr, size_t &ofs) {
MongoMMF *f = privateViews.find_inlock(ptr, ofs);
if( f == 0 ) {
string s = str::stream() << "view pointer cannot be resolved " << (size_t) ptr;
journalingFailure(s.c_str()); // asserts
return f;
/** put the basic write operation into the buffer (bb) to be journaled */
void prepBasicWrite_inlock(AlignedBuilder&bb, const WriteIntent *i, RelativePath& lastDbPath) {
size_t ofs = 1;
MongoMMF *mmf = findMMF_inlock(i->start(), /*out*/ofs);
_IF( !mmf->willNeedRemap() ) {
// tag this mmf as needed a remap of its private view later.
// usually it will already be dirty/already set, so we do the if above first
// to avoid possibility of cpu cache line contention
mmf->willNeedRemap() = true;
// since we have already looked up the mmf, we go ahead and remember the write view location
// so we don't have to find the MongoMMF again later in WRITETODATAFILES()
// this was for WRITETODATAFILES_Impl2 so commented out now
dassert( i->w_ptr == 0 );
i->w_ptr = ((char*)mmf->view_write()) + ofs;
JEntry e;
e.len = min(i->length(), (unsigned)(mmf->length() - ofs)); //dont write past end of file
assert( ofs <= 0x80000000 );
e.ofs = (unsigned) ofs;
e.setFileNo( mmf->fileSuffixNo() );
if( mmf->relativePath() == local ) {
else if( mmf->relativePath() != lastDbPath ) {
lastDbPath = mmf->relativePath();
JDbContext c;
#if defined(_EXPERIMENTAL)
i->ofsInJournalBuffer = bb.len();
bb.appendBuf(i->start(), e.len);
_IF (e.len != (unsigned)i->length()) {
log() << "journal info splitting prepBasicWrite at boundary" << endl;
// This only happens if we write to the last byte in a file and
// the fist byte in another file that is mapped adjacently. I
// think most OSs leave at least a one page gap between
// mappings, but better to be safe.
WriteIntent next ((char*)i->start() + e.len, i->length() - e.len);
prepBasicWrite_inlock(bb, &next, lastDbPath);
/** basic write ops / write intents. note there is no particular order to these : if we have
two writes to the same location during the group commit interval, it is likely
(although not assured) that it is journaled here once.
void prepBasicWrites(AlignedBuilder& bb) {
scoped_lock lk(privateViews._mutex());
// each time events switch to a different database we journal a JDbContext
RelativePath lastDbPath;
for( set<WriteIntent>::iterator i = commitJob.writes().begin(); i != commitJob.writes().end(); i++ ) {
prepBasicWrite_inlock(bb, &(*i), lastDbPath);
void resetLogBuffer(AlignedBuilder& bb) {
// JSectHeader
JSectHeader h;
h.len = (unsigned) 0xffffffff; // total length, will fill in later
h.seqNumber = getLastDataFileFlushTime();
h.fileId = j.curFileId();
/** we will build an output buffer ourself and then use O_DIRECT
we could be in read lock for this
caller handles locking
assert( cmdLine.dur );
// now that we are locked, fully drain deferred notes of write intents
DEV dbMutex.assertAtLeastReadLocked();
Writes& writes = commitJob.wi();
writes._drained = true;
AlignedBuilder& bb = commitJob._ab;
// ops other than basic writes (DurOp's)
for( vector< shared_ptr<DurOp> >::iterator i = commitJob.ops().begin(); i != commitJob.ops().end(); ++i ) {
// pad to alignment, and set the total section length in the JSectHeader
assert( 0xffffe000 == (~(Alignment-1)) );
unsigned lenWillBe = bb.len() + sizeof(JSectFooter);
unsigned L = (lenWillBe + Alignment-1) & (~(Alignment-1));
dassert( L >= lenWillBe );
*((unsigned*)bb.atOfs(0)) = L;
JSectFooter f(bb.buf(), bb.len());
unsigned padding = L - bb.len();
dassert( bb.len() % Alignment == 0 );
Timer t;
j.assureLogFileOpen(); // so fileId is set
stats.curr->_prepLogBufferMicros += t.micros();
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