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.TH MONGOS "1" "June 2009" "10gen" "Mongo Database"
mongos \- the Mongo sharding server
\fBmongos [\fIOPTIONS\fR]\fR
is used to setup, configure, and get information about sharded databases.
.B ./mongod --port 9999 --dbpath /data/db/a # first server
.B ./mongod --port 9998 --dbpath /data/db/b # second server
.B ./mongos --configdb localhost:9999 # mongos
starts three servers to set up sharding
.B \-\-help
show usage information
.B \-h, \-\-help
show this usage information
.B \-\-version
show version information
.B \-f, \-\-config arg
configuration file specifying additional options
.B \-v, \-\-verbose
be more verbose (include multiple times for more verbosity
e.g. -vvvvv)
.B \-\-quiet quieter output
.B \-\-port arg specify port number
.B \-\-bind_ip arg
comma separated list of ip addresses to listen on - all local ips by
.B \-\-logpath arg
log file to send write to instead of stdout - has to be a file, not
.B \-\-logappend
append to logpath instead of over-writing
.B \-\-pidfilepath arg
full path to pidfile (if not set, no pidfile is created)
.B \-\-keyFile arg
private key for cluster authentication (only for replica sets)
.B \-\-unixSocketPrefix arg
alternative directory for UNIX domain sockets (defaults to /tmp)
.B \-\-fork
fork server process
.B \-\-configdb arg
1 or 3 comma separated config servers
.B \-\-test
just run unit tests
.B \-\-upgrade
upgrade meta data version
.B \-\-chunkSize arg
maximum amount of data per chunk
.B \-\-ipv6
enable IPv6 support (disabled by default)
.B \-\-jsonp
allow JSONP access via http (has security implications)
Copyright 2007\-2011 10gen
For more information, please refer to the MongoDB wiki, available at
Kristina Chodorow
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