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#include "mongo/platform/basic.h"
#include <string>
#include "mongo/db/pipeline/accumulator.h"
#include "mongo/db/pipeline/value.h"
#include "mongo/util/mongoutils/str.h"
#include "mongo/util/string_map.h"
namespace mongo {
using Factory = Accumulator::Factory;
namespace {
// Used to keep track of which Accumulators are registered under which name.
static StringMap<Factory> factoryMap;
} // namespace
void Accumulator::registerAccumulator(std::string name, Factory factory) {
auto it = factoryMap.find(name);
str::stream() << "Duplicate accumulator (" << name << ") registered.",
it == factoryMap.end());
factoryMap[name] = factory;
Factory Accumulator::getFactory(StringData name) {
auto it = factoryMap.find(name);
15952, str::stream() << "unknown group operator '" << name << "'", it != factoryMap.end());
return it->second;
} // namespace mongo