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Mongo Database README
db/ : core database source code
grid/ : socket messaging stuff
util/ : util classes
cd db
make clean && make
Run ./db and command line options will display.
Mongo has been tested with GCC 4.1.2 and Visual Studio 2008. Older versions
of GCC may not be happy.
Mongo uses the 10gen appserver and the Java Virtual Machine to execute
user program code in the database. This feature is optional -- if you would
like to run the database without these installed, run with the --nojni
option. With --nojni specified, the db.eval() and $where features are no
longer available.
Mongo uses memory mapped files. If built as a 32 bit executable, you will
not be able to work with large (multi-gigabyte) databases. However, 32 bit
builds should work fine with small development databases.
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