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mongod - The database process.
mongos - Sharding controller (sharding available later in Q209).
mongo - The interact javascript db shell.
- Pre-requisite for 'mongo', the MongoDB interactive shell:
The shell requires the library ../v8/libv8. There is no v8 binary distro, so
we recommend you install and build V8 as follows:
$ cd ..
$ svn checkout v8
$ cd v8
$ scons libv8.a
To compile the unit tests, you need to install the unit test framework from:
$ cd ..
$ svn co unittest
$ cd unittest
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install
- Then use scons to build.
If you want to build everything (mongod, mongo, tools, etc):
$ scons .
If you only want to build the database:
$ scons
Run ./mongod and command line options will display.
Mongo has been tested with GCC 4.1.2 and Visual Studio 2008. Older versions
of GCC may not be happy.
Mongo uses the 10gen appserver and the Java Virtual Machine to execute
user program code in the database. This feature is optional -- if you would
like to run the database without these installed, run with the --nojni
option. With --nojni specified, the db.eval() and $where features are no
longer available. You may still need JVM libraries which are statically linked.
Mongo uses memory mapped files. If built as a 32 bit executable, you will
not be able to work with large (multi-gigabyte) databases. However, 32 bit
builds work fine with small development databases.
--- WINDOWS ---
See also
- python 2.6 (for scons)
- scons
- boost 1.35
- vc++ express
- windows sdk - tested with v6.0 v6.0a
- java sdk 1.6
you have to add java\jdk\bin\ to your path
mkdir \data\
mkdir \data\db
db\db run
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