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Instructions for compiling MongoDB in Visual Studio 2008
Visual Studio Solution:
mongo.sln -> MongoDB solution that contains all projects necessary for building applications and libraries.
Static Library Projects:
mongo_common -> common MongoDB files
core_server -> score server files
server_only -> files for building server-only applications
shard_server -> shard server files
Console Application Projects:
mongod -> MongoDB server (links mongo_common and server_only)
mongo -> MongoDB shell (links mongo_common)
mongobridge -> MongoDB bridge server shell (links mongo_common and server_only)
mongodump -> MongoDB dump application (links mongo_common and server_only)
mongoexport -> MongoDB export application (links mongo_common and server_only)
mongofiles -> MongoDB files application (links mongo_common and server_only)
mongoimportjson -> MongoDB import json application (links mongo_common and server_only)
mongorestore -> MongoDB restore application (links mongo_common and server_only)
mongos -> MongoDB shard server (links mongo_common, core_server and shard_server)
Client Driver Library:
mongoclient -> static library containing client driver files
1) All static libraries derive project settings from Project Property Sheet "mongo_lib"
(View->Other Windows->Property Manager). Settings configured in this Property Sheet will
be inherited by all static library projects (Include Directories, Library Directories, etc).
2) All console applications derive project settings from "mongo_app".
3) msvc_scripting.cpp is used to control the javascript library to use - to change, simply
modify the "Preprocessor" project setting in the Property Sheets to reflect the required
javascript option (USESM or NOJNI).
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