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Building MongoDB


For detail information about building, please see:

If you want to build everything (mongod, mongo, tools, etc):

 $ scons .

If you only want to build the database:

 $ scons

To install

 $ scons --prefix=/opt/mongo install

Please note that prebuilt binaries are available on and may be the easier way to get started.

scons targets

  • mongod
  • mongos
  • mongo
  • mongoclient

*general notes


Mongo has been tested with GCC 4.x and Visual Studio 2008. Older versions of GCC may not be happy.


See also

Build requirements: - vc++ express or visual studio - python 2.5 (for scons - 2.6 might be needed for some regression tests) - scons - boost 1.35 (or higher) - windows sdk - tested with v6.0 v6.0a

Or download a prebuilt binary for Windows at


scons libboost-dev libpcre++-dev xulrunner-1.9.1-dev


Install the following ports:

- devel/boost
- devel/libexecinfo
- devel/pcre
- lang/spidermonkey
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