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.\" Documentation for the MongoDB dump tool
.TH MONGOFILES "1" "June 2009" "10gen" "Mongo Database"
mongofiles \- a simple GridFS interface
\fBmongofiles [\fIOPTIONS\fR]\fR
is used to list, get, and insert files in the database.
.B mongofiles list
lists files in test.fs.files
.B mongofiles put README.txt
inserts the file README.txt into the collection test.fs.files
.B mongofiles get photo.jpg
retrieves photo.jpg from test.fs.files and saves it locally
.B \-\-help
show usage information
.B \-h, \-\-host HOST
mongo host to which to connect
.B \-d, \-\-db DB
database to use (default DB=test)
.B \-c, \-\-collection COLLECTION (default COLLECTION=fs.files)
collection to use
.B \-\-command [list\||\|search\||\|put\||\|get]
execute a command
.B \-\-file FILE
filename for get or put
.B list
list all files. takes an optional filename. the file has to start with the filename
.B search
search all files for something that contains the string
Copyright 2007\-2009 10gen
For more information, please refer to the MongoDB wiki, available at
Kristina Chodorow
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