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// @file syncclusterconnection.h
* Copyright 2010 10gen Inc.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#pragma once
#include "../pch.h"
#include "dbclient.h"
#include "redef_macros.h"
namespace mongo {
* This is a connection to a cluster of servers that operate as one
* for super high durability.
* Write operations are two-phase. First, all nodes are asked to fsync. If successful
* everywhere, the write is sent everywhere and then followed by an fsync. There is no
* rollback if a problem occurs during the second phase. Naturally, with all these fsyncs,
* these operations will be quite slow -- use sparingly.
* Read operations are sent to a single random node.
* The class checks if a command is read or write style, and sends to a single
* node if a read lock command and to all in two phases with a write style command.
class SyncClusterConnection : public DBClientBase {
* @param commaSeparated should be 3 hosts comma separated
SyncClusterConnection( const list<HostAndPort> & );
SyncClusterConnection( string commaSeparated );
SyncClusterConnection( string a , string b , string c );
* @return true if all servers are up and ready for writes
bool prepare( string& errmsg );
* runs fsync on all servers
bool fsync( string& errmsg );
// --- from DBClientInterface
virtual BSONObj findOne(const string &ns, const Query& query, const BSONObj *fieldsToReturn, int queryOptions);
virtual auto_ptr<DBClientCursor> query(const string &ns, Query query, int nToReturn, int nToSkip,
const BSONObj *fieldsToReturn, int queryOptions, int batchSize );
virtual auto_ptr<DBClientCursor> getMore( const string &ns, long long cursorId, int nToReturn, int options );
virtual void insert( const string &ns, BSONObj obj );
virtual void insert( const string &ns, const vector< BSONObj >& v );
virtual void remove( const string &ns , Query query, bool justOne );
virtual void update( const string &ns , Query query , BSONObj obj , bool upsert , bool multi );
virtual bool call( Message &toSend, Message &response, bool assertOk , string * actualServer );
virtual void say( Message &toSend );
virtual void sayPiggyBack( Message &toSend );
virtual void killCursor( long long cursorID );
virtual string getServerAddress() const { return _address; }
virtual bool isFailed() const { return false; }
virtual string toString() { return _toString(); }
virtual BSONObj getLastErrorDetailed();
virtual bool callRead( Message& toSend , Message& response );
virtual ConnectionString::ConnectionType type() const { return ConnectionString::SYNC; }
SyncClusterConnection( SyncClusterConnection& prev );
string _toString() const;
bool _commandOnActive(const string &dbname, const BSONObj& cmd, BSONObj &info, int options=0);
auto_ptr<DBClientCursor> _queryOnActive(const string &ns, Query query, int nToReturn, int nToSkip,
const BSONObj *fieldsToReturn, int queryOptions, int batchSize );
int _lockType( const string& name );
void _checkLast();
void _connect( string host );
string _address;
vector<string> _connAddresses;
vector<DBClientConnection*> _conns;
map<string,int> _lockTypes;
mongo::mutex _mutex;
vector<BSONObj> _lastErrors;
class UpdateNotTheSame : public UserException {
UpdateNotTheSame( int code , const string& msg , const vector<string>& addrs , const vector<BSONObj>& lastErrors )
: UserException( code , msg ) , _addrs( addrs ) , _lastErrors( lastErrors ) {
assert( _addrs.size() == _lastErrors.size() );
virtual ~UpdateNotTheSame() throw() {
unsigned size() const {
return _addrs.size();
pair<string,BSONObj> operator[](unsigned i) const {
return make_pair( _addrs[i] , _lastErrors[i] );
vector<string> _addrs;
vector<BSONObj> _lastErrors;
#include "undef_macros.h"
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