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import os
import urllib
import urllib2
import sys
import json
import simplejson as json # need simplejson for python < 2.6
sys.path.append( "." )
sys.path.append( ".." )
sys.path.append( "../../" )
sys.path.append( "../../../" )
import settings
def machine_info(extra_info=""):
"""Get a dict representing the "machine" section of a benchmark result.
"os_name": "OS X",
"os_version": "10.5",
"processor": "2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo",
"memory": "3 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM",
"extra_info": "Python 2.6"
Must have a file on sys.path that defines "processor" and "memory"
machine = {}
(machine["os_name"], _, machine["os_version"], _, _) = os.uname()
machine["processor"] = settings.processor
machine["memory"] = settings.memory
machine["extra_info"] = extra_info
return machine
def post_data(data, machine_extra_info="", post_url=""):
"""Post a benchmark data point.
data should be a Python dict that looks like:
"benchmark": {
"project": "",
"name": "insert test",
"description": "test inserting 10000 documents with the C extension enabled",
"tags": ["insert", "python"]
"trial": {
"server_hash": "4f5a8d52f47507a70b6c625dfb5dbfc87ba5656a",
"client_hash": "8bf2ad3d397cbde745fd92ad41c5b13976fac2b5",
"result": 67.5,
"extra_info": "some logs or something"
data["machine"] = machine_info(machine_extra_info)
urllib2.urlopen(post_url, urllib.urlencode({"payload": json.dumps(data)}))
return data
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