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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Download mongodb stuff (at present builds, sources, docs, but not
# drivers).
# Usage: <progname> [directory] # directory defaults to cwd.
# FIXME: this script is fairly sloppy.
import sys
import os
import urllib2
import time
import hashlib
import warnings
written_files = []
def get(url, filename):
# A little safety check.
if filename in written_files:
raise Exception('not overwriting file %s (already written in this session)' % filename)
print "downloading %s to %s" % (url, filename)
open(filename, 'w').write(urllib2.urlopen(url).read())
def checkmd5(md5str, filename):
m = hashlib.md5()
m.update(open(filename, 'rb').read())
d = m.hexdigest()
if d != md5str:
warnings.warn("md5sum mismatch for file %s: wanted %s; got %s" % (filename, md5str, d))
osarches=(("osx", ("i386", "i386-tiger", "x86_64"), ("tgz", )),
("linux", ("i686", "x86_64"), ("tgz", )),
("win32", ("i386", "x86_64"), ("zip", )),
("sunos5", ("i86pc", "x86_64"), ("tgz", )),
("src", ("src", ), ("tar.gz", "zip")), )
# KLUDGE: this will need constant editing.
versions = ("1.4.2", "1.5.1", "latest")
url_format = ""
filename_format = "mongodb-%s-%s.%s"
def core_server():
for version in versions:
for (os, architectures, archives) in osarches:
for architecture in architectures:
for archive in archives:
osarch = os + '-' + architecture if architecture != 'src' else 'src'
# ugh.
if architecture == 'src' and version == 'latest':
if archive == 'tar.gz':
archive2 = 'tarball'
elif archive == 'zip':
archive2 == 'zipball'
url = ""+archive2+"/master"
version2 = "master"
version2 = version if architecture != 'src' else 'r'+version
url = url_format % (os, osarch, version2, archive)
# ugh ugh
md5url = url+'.md5' if architecture != 'src' else None
filename = filename_format % (osarch, version2, archive)
get(url, filename)
if md5url:
print "fetching md5 url " + md5url
md5str = urllib2.urlopen(md5url).read()
checkmd5(md5str, filename)
def drivers():
# Drivers... FIXME: drivers.
driver_url_format = ""
driver_filename_format = "mongo-%s-driver-%s.%s"
drivers=(("python", ("1.6", "master"), ("zipball", "tarball"), None),
("ruby", ("0.20", "master"), ("zipball", "tarball"), None),
("c", ("v0.1", "master"), ("zipball", "tarball"), None),
# FIXME: PHP, Java, and Csharp also have zips and jars of
# precompiled relesaes.
("php", ("1.0.6", "master"), ("zipball", "tarball"), None),
("java", ("r1.4", "r2.0rc1", "master"), ("zipball", "tarball"), None),
# And Csharp is in a different github place, too.
("csharp", ("0.82.2", "master"), ("zipball", "tarball"),
for (lang, releases, archives, url_format) in drivers:
for release in releases:
for archive in archives:
url = (url_format if url_format else driver_url_format) % (lang, archive, release)
if archive == 'zipball':
extension = 'zip'
elif archive == 'tarball':
extension = 'tgz'
raise Exception('unknown archive format %s' % archive)
filename = driver_filename_format % (lang, release, extension)
get(url, filename)
# ugh ugh ugh
if lang == 'csharp' and release != 'master':
url = '' % (release)
filename = '' % (release)
get(url, filename)
if lang == 'java' and release != 'master':
get('' % (release), 'mongo-%s.jar' % (release))
# I have no idea what's going on with the PHP zipfiles.
if lang == 'php' and release == '1.0.6':
get('', '')
get('', '')
def docs():
# FIXME: in principle, the doc PDFs could be out of date.
docs_url = time.strftime("")
docs_filename = time.strftime("mongodb-docs-%Y-%m-%d.pdf")
get(docs_url, docs_filename)
def extras():
# Extras
extras = ("", )
for extra in extras:
if extra.rfind('/') > -1:
filename = extra[extra.rfind('/')+1:]
raise Exception('URL %s lacks a slash?' % extra)
get(extra, filename)
if len(sys.argv) > 1:
print """NOTE: the md5sums for all the -latest tarballs are out of
date. You will probably see warnings as this script runs. (If you
don't, feel free to delete this note.)"""
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