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SERVER-12369 Assert that user data properly setup in dumprestore_auth…

…3.js test
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1 parent bb56b28 commit 7b694b4b38e556af127b67c0b0be7aa08b982822 @stbrody stbrody committed
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  1. +6 −0 jstests/tool/dumprestore_auth3.js
6 jstests/tool/dumprestore_auth3.js
@@ -72,6 +72,12 @@ function runTest(shutdownServer) {
db.createUser({user: 'user', pwd: 'password', roles: jsTest.basicUserRoles});
db.createRole({role: 'role', roles: [], privileges:[]});
db.system.users.insert({user:'dbuser', pwd: 'pwd', roles: ['readWrite']});
+ assert.gleSuccess(db);
+ assert.eq(1,;
+ assert.eq(1, db.getUsers().length, "didn't create user");
+ assert.eq(1, db.getRoles().length, "didn't create role");
+ assert.eq(1, db.system.users.count(), "didn't create legacy system.users collection");
jsTestLog("Dump foo database *with* user data");

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