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Commits on May 5, 2016
  1. @renctan
  2. @acmorrow
  3. @renctan
  4. @acmorrow
  5. @acmorrow
  6. @WaleyChen
  7. @mikety
  8. @vincentdo
  9. @kaloianm

    SERVER-22672 Make moveChunk and shardCollection use the balancer

    kaloianm committed Apr 28, 2016
    The moveChunk and shardCollection commands should not be calling directly
    into the shards when they need to move chunks and instead they should use
    the balancer. That way when the balancer moves to the CSRS primary, they
    can just start making calls into it.
  10. @renctan
  11. @tessavitabile
  12. @markbenvenuto
  13. @markbenvenuto
  14. @judahschvimer
  15. Import wiredtiger-wiredtiger-2.8.0-410-g636a7b2.tar.gz from wiredtige…

    Ramon Fernandez committed May 5, 2016
    …r branch mongodb-3.4
    ref: eaa7b5f..636a7b2
    WT-2103       add incremental backup testing to format
    WT-2223       Add stress testing for in-memory
    WT-2343       Assert we don't remove or rename when backup cursor is open
    WT-2349       Add ability to open databases read-only
    WT-2359       WiredTiger with Python will hang if a calloc failure occurs during __wt_connection_close
    WT-2360       Allow disjunctions and combinations of operations in join cursors
    WT-2446       Estimate WT cache hit ratio
    WT-2450       salvage releases pages, then explicitly evicts them.
    WT-2453       Throughput drop in wtperf evict Jenkins tests
    WT-2479       dump utility discards table config (JSON)
    WT-2504       Should READONLY always read basecfg file?
    WT-2505       Review clang analyzer warnings
    WT-2508       test programs should remove test directories on the "clean" target
    WT-2518       LSM checkpoint handle acquisition optimization
    WT-2520       WT_SESSION::verify should not alter tables
    WT-2526       mixing and matching readonly and read/write handles
    WT-2535       Extend test/format to test for transactions reading their writes
    WT-2537       cannot open DB written by WT2.6.1 with WT2.8.0 due to WT_NOTFOUND on recovery
    WT-2539       Implement file streaming above pluggable filesystems
    WT-2540       Separate stream and file handle methods
    WT-2542       fixed-length column store reconciliation overwrites original values
    WT-2544       Investigate any thread populating eviction queue
    WT-2546       Eviction server not help evict pages sometimes
    WT-2547       Add 1-eviction-worker jobs to Jenkins
    WT-2548       Cap the amount of data handed to raw compression.
    WT-2549       joins using recno keys return no values
    WT-2550       java ex_schema example fails
    WT-2552       Public API for pluggable filesystems
    WT-2553       Document in-memory configuration and WT_CACHE_FULL error return
    WT-2556       typo in the Java example code
    WT-2557       format test program should discard log files after incremental backup
    WT-2558       WT_PAGE structure reorganization
    WT-2559       Jenkins Windows segfault in logging code
    WT-2560       test/format workload stuck trying to update oldest transaction ID
    WT-2562       reconfig02 test failing sometimes on PPC
    WT-2565       item 3573 on page at [write-check] is a corrupted cell
    WT-2566       All lock operations should be barriers
    WT-2567       segfault in test/format log truncate
    WT-2568       Java compilation error
    WT-2569       win_handle_read should always call GetLastError on error
    WT-2570       Minor lint cleanups.
    WT-2571       join code cleanup
    WT-2572       don't select an in-memory format run if incompatible options configured
    WT-2573       free of stack-allocated WT_REF
    WT-2574       format doesn't free all allocated configure memory
    WT-2576       variable-length column-store out-of-order return
    WT-2577       core dump discarding non-existent addresses
    WT-2579       in-memory configurations break debugging support
    WT-2580       potential SWIG naming conflict in Java
    WT-2581       assert multi->disk_image == NULL
    WT-2582       cache eviction server error: WT_RESTART
    WT-2583       incremental backup can prevent future recovery
    WT-2584       don't use periods in error messages
    WT-2586       Remove ex_config.c until config cursors are supported
    WT-2592       Joins using non-recno key types not working
    WT-2593       disk full with pre-allocated log files
    WT-2595       Fix compiler warning in packing tests
    WT-2598       in-memory FS needs fast lookup on file names
    WT-2599       split out the checksum code from the support directory
    WT-2600       clean up test program #includes
    WT-2602       LSM stress hangs with very large uncompressed pages
    WT-2609       Incorrect "skips API_END call" error.
    WT-2612       The dist/s_prototypes script is creating a debugging file xxx.
    WT-2613       WT Compile windows Alt is returning a C4100 error
    WT-2615       Enabling checkpoints in test/format leads to reduced concurrency
    WT-2616       In-memory deadlock getting size
    WT-2621       WiredTiger fails to compile on MSVC 2013
    SERVER-23661  $sample takes disproportionately long time on newly created collection
    SERVER-23904  WiredTiger changes for MongoDB 3.3.6
Commits on May 4, 2016
  1. @dalyd

    SERVER-24050: Update perf.yml to create src directory for analysis ph…

    dalyd committed May 4, 2016
    …ase of perf project
  2. @Machyne

    SERVER-24051 fix leak in NumberDecimalInfo::make

    Machyne committed May 4, 2016
    This previously called the constructor
    (NumberDecimalInfo::construct) and then created a new pointer and
    stored that. The underlying value from the constructor was leaked.
  3. @kaloianm

    SERVER-23733 Tests should not write chunkSize to config.settings dire…

    kaloianm committed May 3, 2016
    Instead, they should pass it as parameter to ShardingTest.
    This change is in preparation for removing the chunkSize parameter to
  4. @jameswahlin
  5. @judahschvimer
  6. @stbrody
  7. @samantharitter
  8. @dstorch
  9. @dstorch
  10. @dstorch

    SERVER-23725 Aggregation now supports the graphLookup stage.

    dstorch committed May 2, 2016
    This commit is identical to a1253a9.
  11. @dstorch

    SERVER-23349 make CollatorInterface methods const

    dstorch committed May 3, 2016
    Also changes all uses of CollatorInterface* to pointers-to-const.
  12. @jameswahlin
Commits on May 3, 2016
  1. @stbrody
  2. @mikety

    SERVER-23327 shardCollection should warn if numInitialChunks is used …

    mikety committed May 3, 2016
    …with non hashed sharded key
  3. @markbenvenuto
  4. @kaloianm

    SERVER-23609 Make top chunk split use the balancer to move chunks

    kaloianm committed May 2, 2016
    Moves all direct access to balancer structures out of the top chunk split
    optimization code and changes it to an explicit call to the balancer.
  5. @spencerjackson
  6. @vincentdo
  7. @guoyr

    SERVER-24008 fix lint

    guoyr committed May 3, 2016
  8. @chungyen100
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