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Commits on Jul 31, 2015
  1. @dstorch
Commits on Jul 30, 2015
  1. @hanumantmk

    SERVER-19612 JSThread exceptions lost on SM

    hanumantmk authored
    After we return from JS::Call we don't have exceptions pending, they've
    already been captured by the error handler. Handle JSThread exceptions
    like the others and return them correctly.
  2. @stbrody
  3. @dstorch

    SERVER-19571 configure regression loop to use --readMode commands in …

    dstorch authored
    …suites that don't start mongos
    Adds --shellReadMode flag to and changes Evergreen / resmoke configuration files to pass
    --readMode commands where appropriate.
  4. @jbreams
  5. @jbreams
  6. @jbreams
  7. @IanWhalen
  8. @milkie
Commits on Jul 29, 2015
  1. @hanumantmk

    SERVER-19615 FSM ThreadManager.checkFailed race

    hanumantmk authored
    The fsm libs ThreadManager's checkFailed method throws if the failure
    threshold is exceeded.  Callers expect to let that exception escape,
    which leads to destructors being called on live threads.  Call joinAll()
    in a finally block to prevent that.
  2. @guoyr
  3. @guoyr
  4. @milkie
  5. @milkie
  6. @adamchel
  7. @kkmongo

    SERVER-19653 Reduce test iterations in rename_collection_dbname_chain.js

    kkmongo authored
    The workload writes a lot of data to disk with mmapv1 because of 16MB
    .ns and .0 files.  This can cause fsm_all_replication.js to time out
    on slow test hosts because the disk allocations do not complete within
    five minutes.
  8. @milkie
  9. @j-delaney
  10. @amidvidy
  11. @kaloianm
  12. @kaloianm

    Revert "SERVER-19319 Send setShardVersion command after sharding a co…

    kaloianm authored
    This reverts commit b0067ef.
  13. @kaloianm

    SERVER-19319 Send setShardVersion command after sharding a collection

    kaloianm authored
    The shard collection operation needs to inform the former primary shard
    for the database containing this collection that the collection is being
    sharded. That way, unsharded operations will be rejected when they come
    from mongos instances, which are not yet aware the collection became
    Also reverts commit 280b8e6
    ("SERVER-19319 Temporarily update some tests to run a query after sharding
    a collection to force the version to be set")
  14. @acmorrow
  15. @markbenvenuto
  16. @amidvidy
Commits on Jul 28, 2015
  1. @amidvidy
  2. @hanumantmk

    SERVER-19641 cleanup the js scope in quit()

    hanumantmk authored
    make leak sanitizer happy
  3. @hanumantmk

    SERVER-19597 originalBSON can be called on proto

    hanumantmk authored
    originalBSON can be called on the BSON prototype, which returns a
    nullptr for the bson out param and a !altered. We have to check !altered
    && originalBSON to avoid nullptr dereferences.
  4. @hanumantmk
  5. @dhatch
  6. @acmorrow
  7. @monkey101

    SERVER-19528 Change validationState to validationAction

    monkey101 authored monkey101 committed
    This reinstates 1264122
    with a compile fix for windows
  8. @acmorrow
  9. @dhatch
  10. @dstorch

    SERVER-17544 update tests depending on OP_QUERY/OP_GET_MORE specific …

    dstorch authored
    --Use of 'orderby' is not allowed for find command.
    --Passing a negative value for .batchSize() is no longer legal.
    --Find command accepts 64-bit skip and limit values.
    --Slow log line format has changed for find command.
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