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Commits on Sep 2, 2015
  1. @benety

    SERVER-20187 added cancelAllCommands to ASIO network interface

    benety authored
    Not implemented for NetworkInterfaceImpl or NetworkInterfaceMock
  2. @dstorch
  3. @dstorch

    SERVER-19355 allow simultaneous returnKey and sortKey meta-projections

    dstorch authored
    This is necessary in order to support queries with returnKey and sort routed through mongos.
  4. @dstorch

    SERVER-19355 Revert "Revert "SERVER-19355 mongos issues sortKey meta-…

    dstorch authored
    …projection in order to perform sorted merge""
    This reverts commit f51b43f.
  5. @stbrody
  6. @dannenberg
  7. @kkmongo

    SERVER-19851 Speed up the indexed_insert_ttl.js FSM workload

    kkmongo authored
    A fixed sleep has been replaced with a polling assert.soon.  The timeout has
    also been increased to accommodate slower test hosts.
  8. @visemet
  9. @stbrody

    SERVER-20040 fassert that we never hold a distributed lock while wait…

    stbrody authored
    …ing for the CatalogManager to swap
  10. @stbrody
  11. @stbrody

    SERVER-20040 Access the ForwardingCatalogManager explicitly when need…

    stbrody authored
    …ed, otherwise use the CatalogManager interface
  12. @stbrody
  13. @stbrody

    SERVER-19608 Give runCommand methods on ShardRegistry a txn, unless t…

    stbrody authored
    …hey only target config servers
  14. @dstorch

    SERVER-19907 Modified distinct to accept query=null and added jstest

    Yunhe (John) Wang authored dstorch committed
    Closes #1013
    Signed-off-by: David Storch <>
  15. @benety
  16. @benety

    SERVER-18384 added ReplicationCoordinator::signalPrimaryUnavailable()

    benety authored
    When a secondary detects that the primary is down based on the metadata in the
    find/getMore response durng steady sync, it will mark the primary as down in the
    topology coordinator and may subsequently stand for election.
  17. @benety
  18. @benety
  19. @benety
  20. @milkie

    SERVER-20177 update liveness table from incoming heartbeats

    milkie authored
    This is the same as updating the table based on incoming updatePosition commands.
  21. @visemet
Commits on Sep 1, 2015
  1. @hanumantmk
  2. @GeertBosch
  3. @renctan

    SERVER-19897 Fix clang format

    renctan authored
  4. @dannenberg
  5. @jbreams
  6. @jbreams
  7. @jbreams
  8. @renctan
  9. @renctan
  10. @renctan
  11. @jbreams
  12. @hanumantmk

    SERVER-20242 launchProcess should _exit after fork

    hanumantmk authored
    launchProcess in the shell should _exit after fork if the exec fails,
    rather than quickExiting.  Failing to do this triggers leak detection on
    exec failure in the child, which isn't correct.
  13. @dstorch
  14. @spencerjackson
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