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Commits on Nov 25, 2015
  1. @hanumantmk
  2. @jrassi
  3. @ehershey
  4. @renctan
Commits on Nov 24, 2015
  1. @stbrody
  2. @scotthernandez
  3. @milkie
  4. @dannenberg
  5. @jrassi
  6. @jrassi

    Revert "SERVER-21387 Temp. disable bench_test_crud_commands.js in par…

    jrassi committed
    This reverts commit 78fa716.
  7. @jrassi

    SERVER-21387 bench_test_crud_commands.js: move out of core suite

    jrassi committed
    Previously, an insert command could be blocked for longer than the
    amount of time that the bench worker is running, if a concurrent
    operation takes a long-running MODE_X lock on the database.  This
    would cause the test to fail.
    Test moved to the noPassthroughWithMongod suite.
  8. @jrassi

    SERVER-21387 bench_test_crud_commands.js: ensure collection exists

    jrassi committed
    Fixes an issue where no write operations would be reported as
    successful in the following scenario:
    - The first write triggers a database creation.
    - The time to pre-allocate data files exceeds the amount of time
      that the bench worker is running.
  9. @cswanson310
  10. @scotthernandez
  11. @cswanson310
  12. Import wiredtiger-wiredtiger-mongodb-3.2.0-rc3-206-gb65381f.tar.gz fr…

    Ramon Fernandez committed
    …om wiredtiger branch mongodb-3.2
    ref: 4d72349..b65381f
    e90b590  WT-2237 Avoid yields if we race allocating transaction IDs.
    0a52a80  WT-2237 Have threads publish unique transaction IDs so that updates always become visible immediately on commit
  13. @amidvidy
  14. @dannenberg
  15. @amidvidy

    SERVER-21639 set ResultFlag_ShardConfigStale on OP_QUERY command repl…

    amidvidy committed
    …ies if needed in LegacyReplyBuilder
Commits on Nov 23, 2015
  1. @GeertBosch
  2. @guoyr
  3. @renctan
  4. Import wiredtiger-wiredtiger-mongodb-3.2.0-rc3-199-g4d72349.tar.gz fr…

    Ramon Fernandez committed
    …om wiredtiger branch mongodb-3.2
    ref: 4898aa4..4d72349
    2cf57a6  SERVER-21585 Don't use the lookaside file until the cache is stuck full.
    4ad8df7  SERVER-21585 Clean up LAS based on the current count of inserted records
  5. @hptabster
  6. @kaloianm
  7. @kaloianm
  8. @GeertBosch
  9. @cswanson310
  10. @cswanson310
  11. @GeertBosch
Commits on Nov 20, 2015
  1. Add verbose revision history for WiredTiger imports

    Ramon Fernandez committed
  2. @guoyr
  3. @GeertBosch
  4. @jrassi
  5. @dannenberg
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