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Commits on Feb 8, 2016
  1. @dannenberg

    SERVER-22390 special case InterruptedAtShutdown in waiting for replic…

    dannenberg committed
    …ation inside RangeDeleter to avoid crash
  2. @dannenberg
  3. @visualzhou

    SERVER-22501 Wait until all nodes catch up before test in priority_ta…

    visualzhou committed
  4. @visualzhou
  5. @milkie
  6. @scotthernandez
  7. @dstorch
  8. @stbrody
  9. @benjaminmurphy
  10. @DiannaHohensee

    SERVER-22455 Fix sharding_rs1.js timeout error due to continuous conf…

    DiannaHohensee committed
    …ig primary stepdown slowing down the balancer
  11. @kkmongo

    SERVER-22513 Stop suppressing stderr output from jstestfuzz self-tests

    kkmongo committed
    This change should make it easier to diagnose intermittent failures.
  12. @WaleyChen
  13. @WaleyChen
  14. @hanumantmk

    SERVER-22349 Throw interruptions from loadStored

    hanumantmk committed
    The JS engine's loadStored eats exceptions that occur while it's loading
    functions from system.js.  This also eats interruption exceptions, which
    can lead to a situation where a map reduce job is killed during
    loadStored, but the interrupt is lost. For tests where the map or reduce
    stages are long or non-terminating, and we rely on killing them, this
    can lead to hangs.
    Re-throwing interrupts from the try/catch block around loadStored fixes
    this behavior.
  15. @benety
  16. @scotthernandez
  17. @DiannaHohensee
Commits on Feb 5, 2016
  1. @ksuarz

    Revert "SERVER-22352 lockFile changes for readOnly"

    ksuarz committed
    This reverts commit 77191d8.
  2. @scotthernandez
  3. @scotthernandez
  4. @scotthernandez
  5. @benety

    SERVER-22287 comment out failing test ReplCoordHBV1Test::IgnoreTheCon…

    benety committed
  6. @mgrundy

    SERVER-21698 Add error-checking for isMaster() return values in jstes…

    mgrundy committed
  7. @amidvidy

    SERVER-22352 lockFile changes for readOnly

    amidvidy committed
    modify StorageEngineLockFile::open() to return a different status if it
    fails due to the dbpath having read-only permissions
  8. @renctan

    Revert "SERVER-22349 Throw exceptions from loadStored"

    renctan committed
    This reverts commit dfc320f.
  9. @mgrundy
  10. @mgrundy

    SERVER-22341 fix jslint errors in jstests/parallel with eslint --fix

    mgrundy committed
  11. @mgrundy
  12. @mgrundy
  13. @mgrundy
  14. @mgrundy
  15. @mgrundy
  16. @mgrundy
  17. @mgrundy
  18. @mgrundy
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