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Commits on Apr 1, 2015
  1. @visualzhou
  2. @alabid
  3. @alabid
  4. @andy10gen
  5. @markbenvenuto
  6. @markbenvenuto
  7. @tychoish
  8. @tychoish

    SERVER-17749: ignore fields starting with $ in collMod command, to ma…

    tychoish authored
    …tch behavior of aggregation pipeline command.
  9. @tychoish
  10. @renctan
  11. @andy10gen
  12. @alabid
  13. @jbreams
Commits on Mar 31, 2015
  1. @acmorrow
  2. @dstorch
  3. @dstorch
  4. @andy10gen
  5. @kkmongo @ramonfm

    SERVER-17826 Ignore ismaster errors in initial_sync_unsupported_auth_…

    kkmongo authored ramonfm committed
    reInitiate can throw because it causes an ismaster command to be run on each
    secondary.  These exceptions can cause intermittent test failures if the
    newly added secondary aborts before the ismaster command is run on it.
    Closes #945.
    Signed-off-by: Ramon Fernandez <>
  6. @dstorch

    SERVER-17284 find command throws stale config if sharding version cha…

    dstorch authored
    …nges before a ClientCursor is established
  7. @dstorch
  8. @RedBeard0531
  9. @RedBeard0531
  10. @kaloianm

    SERVER-17723 setShardingState should not reinitialize config servers …

    kaloianm authored
    Currently we reinitialize the list after stepdown, but this is not
    necessary, because the config servers should never change and in addition,
    this causes problems with code which assumes once-only initialization.
  11. @alabid

    SERVER-17774 Cleanup parsing of ChunkType. Implement validate and fro…

    alabid authored
    …mBSON methods for ChunkType.
  12. @GeertBosch
Commits on Mar 30, 2015
  1. @raffopazzo @ramonfm

    SERVER-17201 Add support for uClibc

    raffopazzo authored ramonfm committed
    Closes #941
    Signed-off-by: Ramon Fernandez <>
  2. @kkmongo @ramonfm

    SERVER-17808 Ensure availability in initial_sync_unsupported_auth_sch…

    kkmongo authored ramonfm committed
    Previously, the test could fail if the primary transitioned to a secondary
    before reInitiate finished executing.
    Signed-off-by: Ramon Fernandez <>
  3. @dstorch
  4. @dstorch

    SERVER-17119 relax no-dups invariant in AND_HASH stage to accommodate WT

    dstorch authored
    Since WT does not issue invalidations, docs will not be removed from the hash table when they
    are updated.
  5. @GeertBosch

    Revert "FTS Tokenizer"

    GeertBosch authored
    This reverts commit 0bed426.
  6. @samantharitter
  7. @RedBeard0531
  8. @markbenvenuto
  9. @ehershey
  10. @markbenvenuto

    FTS Tokenizer

    markbenvenuto authored
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