Commits on Jan 18, 2019
  1. SERVER-37828 Add Stitch library projection functions

    Jacob Evans
    Jacob Evans committed Jan 11, 2019
  2. SERVER-38750 Unblacklist tests that test sharding a collection with t…

    jannaerin committed Jan 18, 2019
    …he same options twice from sharding_last_stable_mongos_and_mixed_shards.yml
  3. SERVER-37643 refine IndexBuildsCoordinator and IndexBuildsManager int…

    benety committed Jan 18, 2019
    …erfaces to support createIndexes refactor
    extend IndexBuildsCoordinatorMongodTest::createCollection() to accept collection UUID
    IndexBuildsCoordinator::buildIndex() returns index catalog stats
    IndexBuildsCoordinator::buildIndex() accepts collection UUID instead of namespace
    IndexBuildsManager::commitIndexBuild() accepts callback for index builds
  4. SERVER-38954 Increase query execution time for the test case in max_t…

    vrachev committed Jan 18, 2019
    …ime_ms.js that expects it to hit the time limit
  5. SERVER-39072 Fallback to directory search if MergeModules are not loc…

    henrikedin committed Jan 17, 2019
    …ated as expected according to the registry
Commits on Jan 17, 2019
  1. SERVER-38705 Remove the --noIndexBuildRetry server parameter flag and…

    GWlodarek committed Jan 17, 2019
    … the storage.indexBuildRetry config file option
  2. Revert "SERVER-38750 Unblacklist tests that test sharding a collectio…

    jannaerin committed Jan 16, 2019
    …n with the same options twice from sharding_last_stable_mongos_and_mixed_shards.yml"
    This reverts commit 8587570.
  3. Import wiredtiger: 21838832317b7c38b1a3e929283170515b08bb79 from bran…

    lukech committed Jan 17, 2019
    …ch mongodb-4.2
    ref: fa402fef19..2183883231
    for: 4.1.8
    WT-4452       Fix bugs in the salvage test for big endian
    WT-4503       Pre-allocating log file takes long time on PPC machine
    WT-4524       wt2853_perf failures in valgrind
    WT-4525       wt4333_handle_locks failures in valgrind
  4. SERVER-39007 Use rhel62-large distro for InMemory's concurrency* tasks.

    visemet committed Jan 17, 2019
      * Changes to propagate --storageEngineCacheSizeGB as
        --inMemorySizeGB when running with the InMemory storage engine.
      * Changes the mongo shell to propagate
        TestData.storageEngineCacheSizeGB as --inMemorySizeGB when running
        with the InMemory storage engine.
      * Sets --storageEngineCacheSizeGB=4 when running with the InMemory
        storage engine in Evergreen.
  5. Revert " SERVER-38311 Adjust $out merging strategy"

    cswanson310 committed Jan 17, 2019
    This reverts commit 0cb2195.
Commits on Jan 16, 2019
  1. SERVER-39045 Add concurrency_replication_multi_stmt_txn to Enterprise…

    lankas committed Jan 15, 2019
    … RHEL 7.2 s390x inMemory