Commits on Jul 24, 2016
  1. @GeertBosch

    SERVER-24823 Add admin commands, durable system.views catalog

    Consolidate disallowed commands in views_all_commands.js testing.
    GeertBosch committed Jul 20, 2016
Commits on Jul 23, 2016
  1. @scotthernandez
  2. @scotthernandez
  3. @scotthernandez
  4. @scotthernandez
  5. @benety

    SERVER-25234 DataReplicator::_onClonerFinish should use sync source p…

    …assed to _runInitialSyncAttempt_inlock
    benety committed Jul 22, 2016
  6. @benety

    SERVER-25233 ThreadPool logs uncaught exceptions using exceptionToSta…

    …tus() before terminating
    benety committed Jul 22, 2016
Commits on Jul 22, 2016
  1. @sevko
  2. @renctan
  3. @dstorch
  4. @dhatch
  5. @judahschvimer

    SERVER-25224 Only insert oplog seed document in initial sync if no ot…

    …her operations have been applied
    judahschvimer committed Jul 22, 2016
  6. @benety

    SERVER-25197 DatabaseCloner should not override CollectionCloner::_sc…

    …heduleDbWork function by default
    benety committed Jul 22, 2016
  7. @benety

    SERVER-25197 DataReplicator tests should explicitly override Collecti…

    …onCloner db work scheduler for deterministic behavior.
    benety committed Jul 21, 2016
  8. @WaleyChen
  9. @Machyne
  10. @ksuarz

    Revert "SERVER-24766 don't force a move in ViewResponseFormatter cons…

    This reverts commit 3b3c14b.
    ksuarz committed Jul 22, 2016
  11. @dalyd
  12. @ksuarz
  13. @DiannaHohensee

    SERVER-25153 Converting sharding_last_stable_mongos test suite to inc…

    …lude mixed version shards.
    DiannaHohensee committed Jul 19, 2016
  14. @hptabster

    SERVER-25146 JS replset dbhash hook fails when checking nindexes with…

    … a collection containing a background index
    hptabster committed Jul 22, 2016
  15. @kaloianm

    SERVER-24569 Maintain rangesToClean and metadataInUse on chunk migrat…

    This change rewrites the collection metadata refresh mechanism and puts it
    entirely under the metadata manager.
    kaloianm committed Jul 18, 2016
Commits on Jul 21, 2016
  1. @dstorch
  2. @sevko
  3. SERVER-25198 Increase scons stack size for eslint

    Brian McCarthy committed Jul 21, 2016
  4. @mikety
  5. @stbrody

    SERVER-24213 Clean up failpoints for failing insert,update, and delet…

    …e requests on mongods
    stbrody committed Jul 20, 2016
  6. @ksuarz

    SERVER-24766 views support for count and distinct

    Adds a new class, ViewResponseFormatter, for transforming aggregation responses
    into responses for other commands with a dissimilar format (i.e. count and
    ksuarz committed Jul 13, 2016
  7. @markbenvenuto
  8. SERVER-14769 SERVER-17120 Improve the "The server certificate does no…

    …t match the host name " error
    Hai-Kinh Hoang committed Jul 11, 2016
  9. @DiannaHohensee
Commits on Jul 20, 2016
  1. @monkey101

    SERVER-24991 Redact streaming log messages

    Reviewed all relevant files in src/mongo/s..
    monkey101 committed Jul 18, 2016
  2. @monkey101

    SERVER-24991 Redact streaming log messages

    Covered files in src/mongo..
    monkey101 committed Jul 14, 2016
  3. @acmorrow