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Commits on Apr 25, 2015
  1. @GeertBosch

    SERVER-17770: Replace CollectionLock::relockWithMode by relockAsDatab…

    GeertBosch authored
    Previous version was confusing. This really has just a single purpose, so
    make that clear.
Commits on Apr 24, 2015
  1. @GeertBosch
  2. @stbrody
  3. @kaloianm

    SERVER-18201 Fix a missed variable declaration

    kaloianm authored
    This fails the test, because it is declared to 'use strict'
  4. @acmorrow
  5. @acmorrow
  6. @acmorrow
  7. @acmorrow
  8. @acmorrow
  9. @acmorrow
  10. @acmorrow
  11. @acmorrow
  12. @acmorrow
  13. @acmorrow
  14. @acmorrow
  15. @acmorrow
  16. @acmorrow
  17. @stbrody
  18. @kaloianm

    SERVER-18201 Explicitly pass the port to the test shell

    kaloianm authored
    While at it, I also put the test into a function so it doesn't change
    global variables.
  19. @amidvidy
  20. @renctan
  21. @renctan
  22. @markbenvenuto
  23. @dannenberg
  24. @dannenberg
Commits on Apr 23, 2015
  1. @andy10gen

    Revert "SERVER-18131 Clean up LastError."

    andy10gen authored
    This reverts commit 54c25da and
    commit c952a93.
  2. @GeertBosch

    SERVER-10044: Simplify DurableInterface

    GeertBosch authored
    Remove Remove writingPtr(), writing() and declareWriteIntent(). These
    are confusing and should not be used. Only DataFileHeader needs direct
    access besides the RecoveryUnit and that's a special case, so just make
    it use the existing declareWriteIntents function.
  3. @andy10gen
  4. @andy10gen

    SERVER-18131 Clean up LastError.

    andy10gen authored
    Makes LastError a decoration on Client.  Removes behavior that was specific to
    the dbKillCursors wire protocol message into the processing for that message,
    and out of last error.  Simplifies lifetime of LastError.  It always exists on
    Clients, so there's no checking for its existence, and no passing it around
    through parts of the networking library.
  5. @scotthernandez
  6. @dannenberg

    Revert "SERVER-18191 make new heartbeat args/response classes for the…

    dannenberg authored
    … new election protocol"
    This reverts commit 9a7bb55.
  7. @stbrody
  8. @stbrody
  9. @acmorrow
  10. @alabid

    SERVER-18122 Move sharding global settings retrieval to the catalog m…

    alabid authored
    Also moved type_settings* to src/mongo/s/catalog/
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