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Commits on Oct 6, 2015
  1. @visemet

    Revert "SERVER-20082 Add OperationContext parameter to config methods…

    visemet authored
    … in ShardRegistry"
    This reverts commit e40f1a1.
  2. @mikety
  3. @ramonfm

    post 3.1.9

    ramonfm authored
  4. @ramonfm

    BUMP 3.1.9

    ramonfm authored
  5. @stbrody

    SERVER-20690 Test with multiple mongos can fail because one of them t…

    stbrody authored
    …alked to a stale secondary
  6. @scotthernandez
  7. @stbrody
  8. @andy10gen

    SERVER-20743 Combine target selection and command execution in ShardR…

    andy10gen authored
    Also, properly set the  metadata field on all commands dispatched through ShardRegistry.
  9. @andy10gen

    SERVER-20764 Adjust create_index_gle.js to eliminate race between she…

    andy10gen authored
    …ll and mongos.
    The problem with create_index_gle.js that causes SERVER-20764 was that
    when the node ultimately given a slaveDelay is initially elected
    primary, the test does not wait for mongos to recognize the change of
    primary node in the shard replica set. The fix in this patch is to
    initialize the shard replica set with only one electable node.
  10. @dstorch

    SERVER-20770 garbage collect every 10 MB in itcount() instead of ever…

    dstorch authored
    …y 10000 documents
    Ensures that the shell will not consume too much memory while using
    DBCommandCursor to iterate a large result set.
  11. @benety

    SERVER-20761 clean up stepdown_long_wait_time.js - wait for old prima…

    benety authored
    …ry to step down completely before checking for new primary
  12. @dalyd
  13. @milkie
Commits on Oct 5, 2015
  1. @kaloianm

    SERVER-20767 Improve the logging of ReplSetTest.awaitReplication

    kaloianm authored
    Doesn't actually fix any bug, just improves the logging to also include
    the last unreplicated document.
  2. @amidvidy
  3. @monkey101
  4. @dannenberg

    SERVER-20760 slow inserts in noPassthroughWithMongod/sharding_rs1.js …

    dannenberg authored
    …to prevent nodes from falling off the back of the oplog
  5. @scotthernandez
  6. @scotthernandez
Commits on Oct 2, 2015
  1. @acmorrow
  2. @amidvidy
  3. @scotthernandez
  4. @amidvidy
  5. @scotthernandez
  6. @scotthernandez
Commits on Oct 1, 2015
  1. @dstorch

    SERVER-16042 generate a candidate plan for each predicate over the le…

    dstorch authored
    …ading field of a multikey index
  2. @yhjw88
  3. @agralius
  4. @benety
  5. @dannenberg
  6. @dannenberg

    SERVER-18498 New replica set configurations have protocolVersion=1 by…

    dannenberg authored
    … default
    This re-adds Siyuan's work from commits 19d2885 and 362aac3.
  7. @stbrody
  8. @acmorrow
  9. @scotthernandez
  10. @acmorrow
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