Commits on Aug 9, 2013
Commits on Aug 8, 2013
Commits on Aug 6, 2013
Commits on Aug 5, 2013
Commits on Aug 4, 2013
  1. SERVER-8707 Sleep 10 seconds before entering ReplicaSetMonitorWatcher…

    tadmarshall committed Aug 4, 2013
    …'s loop
    This restores the startup timing that was changed by commit
    e3b8349, while preserving the
    smaller time window within the loop between checking for
    termination and calling ReplicaSetMonitor::checkAll().
Commits on Aug 3, 2013
Commits on Aug 2, 2013
  1. SERVER-8707 Stop the ReplicaSetMonitorWatcher loop on process termina…

    tadmarshall committed Aug 2, 2013
    Use StaticObserver to end ReplicaSetMonitorWatcher's loop when a program
    using the C++ driver exits.  Move the sleep to the bottom of the loop to
    reduce the window between checking for termination and the call to
Commits on Aug 1, 2013
Commits on Jul 31, 2013
Commits on Jul 27, 2013
Commits on Jul 25, 2013
  1. SERVER-8891 Destroy static objects in a safer order

    tadmarshall committed Jul 25, 2013
    Change the order of some static objects and group them near the
    start of the source file, along with a comment explaining what is
    going on.  The crashes we've seen have been due to destructors for
    ReplicaSetMonitors (triggered by the destruction of _sets) trying
    to use the _seedServers map, which had been destroyed already.  By
    changing the order of the object definitions, we destroy _sets
    before destroying _seedServers, preventing the crash.
    There may be other cases that are not solved by this fix, and there
    is still a race due to the running ReplicaSetMonitorWatcher thread,
    so this is unlikely to be the last word on crashes of this type.
Commits on Jul 24, 2013
Commits on Jul 20, 2013
  1. SERVER-10270 SERVER-10177 Fix failing jstests/apitest_db.js

    tadmarshall committed Jul 20, 2013
    Restore the exception object field that the test is looking for.
Commits on Jul 19, 2013
  1. SERVER-10259 Do not return pointer into temporary string

    tadmarshall committed Jul 19, 2013
    Convert the location found within the temporary string into the
    equivalent (and correct) location in the source string.
Commits on Jul 18, 2013
Commits on Jul 16, 2013
Commits on Jul 13, 2013
Commits on Jul 12, 2013
Commits on Jul 7, 2013
Commits on Jun 25, 2013
  1. Visual Studio -- remove db/matcher_old.{cpp,h} and leftover reference

    tadmarshall committed Jun 25, 2013
    Also remove src/mongo/db/matcher.cpp which #includes matcher_old.cpp,
    which no longer exists.
  2. Fix Windows compile

    tadmarshall committed Jun 25, 2013