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pip SERVER-38710: Support dependencies when generating tasks Dec 20, 2018
scons SERVER-38703 Add SCons variables files for the current testing toolchain Jan 15, 2019
asan.blacklist SERVER-15710 Add better leak sanitizer integration Oct 29, 2014
burn_in_tests.yml SERVER-38155 Make ssl_ECDHE_suites.js use native Python ssl module Nov 20, 2018
cloud_nightly.yml SERVER-37583 Refactored mms package structure Oct 23, 2018
distributed_correctness.yml SERVER-35591 Remove MMAPv1 testing Jun 25, 2018
drivers_nightly.yml SERVER-37069 Remove Rosette Linguistics Platform Sep 19, 2018
evergreen.yml SERVER-39007 Use rhel62-large distro for InMemory's concurrency* tasks. Jan 17, 2019
format_sample.cpp SERVER-18579: Add .clang-format & Scons support Jun 20, 2015
longevity.yml SERVER-37425 Change batchtime to 1 year for longevity builder. Oct 8, 2018
lsan.suppressions SERVER-27727 Make threadName a native thread_local so debuggers can g… Mar 24, 2017
olsen_time_zones.yml SERVER-31913: EVG timezone task compile failure Nov 14, 2017
perf.yml SERVER-36198 Remove 'internalQueryAllowAllPathsIndexes' server parameter Oct 3, 2018
repo_config.yaml SERVER-37770 Platform Support: Add Community Ubuntu 18.04 ARM64 Jan 14, 2019
system_perf.yml SERVER-38721 Run detect-outliers in sys-perf tests Jan 17, 2019
test_lifecycle.yml SERVER-30210 Script to fetch the test lifecycle tags Jul 28, 2017
test_retrial.yml SERVER-29060 Add etc/test_retrial.yml tag file May 30, 2017
tsan.blacklist SERVER-15710 Add better leak sanitizer integration Oct 29, 2014
tsan.suppressions Add support for tsan suppressions Mar 6, 2015
ubsan.blacklist SERVER-35591 Remove MMAPv1 testing Jun 25, 2018
valgrind.suppressions SERVER-17755 Remove legacy code from build system Apr 16, 2015