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aggregation SERVER-16580 Remove deprecated system collection references in JS tests
auth SERVER-17125 Avoid creating password credentials for $external
concurrency SERVER-17395: Disable fsm tests that were previously disabled.
core SERVER-17405 Don't throw MsgAssertionException when getLog is given a…
disk SERVER-16875: Add disk jstests for directoryperdb with wiredtiger
dur SERVER-15547 removed tests that rely on tools --dbpath option
fail_point SERVER-7122 Put failPoint command behind --enableTestCommands flag in…
gle SERVER-16420 Make gle/gle_sharded_wc.js test agnostic about who is el…
libs SERVER-16502: create CollectionInfoCache on Collection construction
mmap_v1 SERVER-17312 collmod command now handles parsing of all arguments
multiVersion SERVER-17348 Temporarily disable tests until v3.0 is released.
noPassthrough SERVER-17176 Fix replication log messages in JS tests
noPassthroughWithMongod SERVER-16645 Re-enable JS tests for yielding
parallel SERVER-16695 Move FSM tests into new test suites
perf SERVER-7760 Added parallel mapReduce test for v8
repl SERVER-14132 update test for missing _id index
replsets SERVER-13009 make group command fail in maintenance mode and update r…
sharding SERVER-17383 Make sure that ops are sent to the right shard in rename.js
slow1 SERVER-16391 archor primary in replset tests, or make agnostic to pri…
slow2 SERVER-17363 increase heartbeat timeout for rollback4
ssl SERVER-16901 use a real state transition to detect when nodes restart
sslSpecial SERVER-16371 fix ssl tests to not share replica set monitors between …
tool make tool_replset.js more resilient against certain failures
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