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aggregation SERVER-24623 Remove single document aggregation result option Jan 13, 2017
auth SERVER-4786 Allow specifying sample rate of slow queries Jan 26, 2017
concurrency SERVER-3181 Add nameOnly option to listDatabases Feb 20, 2017
core SERVER-2104 add support for covered projections with dotted field paths Feb 24, 2017
decimal SERVER-25889 Collection validation should fail if featureCompatibilit… Sep 7, 2016
disk SERVER-15749: Tag disk jstests that are mmap only. Run a disk_WT suit… Feb 8, 2017
dur SERVER-23971 Clang-Format code May 28, 2016
fail_point SERVER-26008 start config replica set specifically with wiredTiger st… Sep 13, 2016
gle SERVER-27791 increased writeConcern wtimeout in gle/block2.js and gle… Jan 24, 2017
hooks SERVER-26894 Tolerate invalid views in validate_collections.js. Nov 9, 2016
httpinterface SERVER-23971 Clang-Format code May 28, 2016
libs SERVER-27891 Disable writeConcern support for reIndex Feb 27, 2017
master_slave SERVER-27995 rename replication test suites to be more consistent Feb 23, 2017
mmap_v1 SERVER-24739: Validate syncdelay at startup and on setParameter Nov 29, 2016
multiVersion SERVER-26952: Cache SCRAM-SHA-1 ClientKey Feb 2, 2017
noPassthrough SERVER-27848 Add index hint to aggregation and non-materialized views Feb 3, 2017
noPassthroughWithMongod SERVER-27838 fix serverStatus pinned cursor metric Feb 3, 2017
parallel SERVER-27585 Parallel tests basic.js & basicPlus.js should not do col… Jan 5, 2017
perf SERVER-23971 Clang-Format code May 28, 2016
readonly SERVER-24623 Remove single document aggregation result option Jan 13, 2017
replsets SERVER-27839 Allow for step downs during reconfig in ReplSetTest init… Feb 27, 2017
serial_run SERVER-26142 disable timing checks in election_timing.js Sep 16, 2016
sharding SERVER-28102 Add more diagnostic info to stats.js Feb 24, 2017
slow1 SERVER-27857 Rewrite remove_during_mr.js as an FSM workload. Jan 31, 2017
ssl SERVER-28105 sharding_with_x509.js should use deletes that can be ver… Feb 27, 2017
sslSpecial SERVER-27490 Stop consulting storage engine isDurable flag in Replica… Jan 7, 2017
tool SERVER-26474 clean up dumprestore7.js Oct 5, 2016