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aggregation SERVER-37229: Switch to unordered write ops ini $out Oct 12, 2018
auth SERVER-36262 Support inferring database names from privileges in mong… Oct 15, 2018
change_streams SERVER-37006 Move originatingCommand from currentOp inprog to cursor … Oct 2, 2018
concurrency SERVER-35852 Convert FSM client to use a resmoke suite for easy test … Oct 12, 2018
core SERVER-37503 Support $type with wildcard index Oct 15, 2018
core_standalone SERVER-37227 Reintroduce enableMajorityReadConcern:false server param… Oct 2, 2018
decimal SERVER-29350 Bump featureCompatibilityVersion to 3.6 Jun 9, 2017
disk SERVER-35629 Use WiredTiger salvage API to repair corrupt metadata Sep 18, 2018
fail_point SERVER-33882 Add requires_sharding tag to sharding tests Mar 14, 2018
free_mon SERVER-36474 Cannot initiate a replica set if free monitoring is disa… Aug 27, 2018
gle SERVER-35099 Increase wtimeout in get_last_error.js even more May 22, 2018
hooks SERVER-37197 Fix validateCollectionsThread() to check validate result. Sep 19, 2018
httpinterface SERVER-29000 Remove the miniwebserver and derivatives Apr 27, 2017
libs Remove listLocalCursors Oct 12, 2018
multiVersion SERVER-37555 Fix the error code in the uassert. Oct 16, 2018
noPassthrough SERVER-37618 Capture all the logs in lock_stats_suboperation_logs.js Oct 15, 2018
noPassthroughWithMongod SERVER-37525 Error handling in the exchange can cause invariant failu… Oct 10, 2018
parallel SERVER-35154 Propagate JS exceptions through ScopedThread#join(). Sep 19, 2018
perf SERVER-23971 Clang-Format code May 28, 2016
readonly SERVER-35715 Remove nopreallocj and smallfiles options from tests Jul 5, 2018
replsets SERVER-36964 Prevent secondaries in SessionsCollectionRS from attempt… Oct 13, 2018
serial_run SERVER-35847 Remove eval command and remove/update related tests/helpers Jun 30, 2018
sharding Remove listLocalCursors Oct 12, 2018
slow1 SERVER-35715 Remove nopreallocj and smallfiles options from tests Jul 5, 2018
ssl SERVER-37529 Fix issues for ssl_ECDHE_suites.js on non x86 evergreen … Oct 12, 2018
sslSpecial SERVER-29213: Have WiredTiger support recoverToStableTimestamp. Mar 24, 2018
tool SERVER-36015 Remove references to system.namespaces and system.indexes Aug 29, 2018