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base SERVER-31951 Create RetryChangeStream error code Nov 17, 2017
bson SERVER-31304: Refactor away SnapshotName. Nov 21, 2017
client SERVER-32038 Update host entries for dns query tests Nov 20, 2017
crypto SERVER-31736 Fix Windows build when --dynamic-windows is on but not -… Oct 27, 2017
db SERVER-31304: Refactor away SnapshotName. Nov 21, 2017
dbtests SERVER-31304: Refactor away SnapshotName. Nov 21, 2017
executor SERVER-31883 update nia test for op_msg Nov 14, 2017
gotools Import tools: 75f2d994ce4bdcfca79d1b5e50c7d5125a6ab092 from branch ma… Oct 24, 2017
idl SERVER-32005 IDL augment code with compiler likely macro Nov 20, 2017
installer SERVER-31971 Create new upgrade codes for 3.7.x/3.8.x Nov 14, 2017
logger SERVER-31622 Fix bad throws Nov 2, 2017
platform SERVER-17414 Enable Warnings As Errors on Windows, and disable/fix wa… Oct 20, 2017
rpc SERVER-30244-pre1 move DataType::Handler<StringData> specialization t… Nov 10, 2017
s SERVER-31836 Always dispatch sorted tailable awaitdata getMores to th… Nov 18, 2017
scripting SERVER-31354 Support driver API for changeStreams in the shell. Nov 17, 2017
shell SERVER-31934 set orphanCleanupDelaySecs=1 for all tests Nov 21, 2017
stdx SERVER-30135 Added a synchronous executor to make the code path betwe… Sep 22, 2017
tools SERVER-28510 Add DBClient::runFireAndForgetCommand() and use it to im… Aug 18, 2017
transport SERVER-32002 rename serverStatus "compressed" section to "compressor" Nov 20, 2017
unittest SERVER-31184 Make EnsureFCV a separate test utility Oct 10, 2017
util SERVER-32027 Fix unit-tests which rely on having a valid wallclock time Nov 20, 2017
SConscript SERVER-31559 Merge GenericCursorManager into MongoProcessInterface Nov 14, 2017 SERVER-24897 Configuration of DHE parameters. Aug 14, 2017