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geo Faster $box queries SERVER-1392
helpers fix repair with dups and background indexes SERVER-1099
modules added bad file
repl typo rs
stats dbtop more readable
background.h SERVER-620
btree.cpp SERVER-802 range / in skipping
btree.h Cursor::supportYields SERVER-1453
btreecursor.cpp SERVER-802 some optimizations
cap.cpp rs rollback create collection
client.cpp cleaning formatting
client.h cleaning formatting
clientcursor.cpp no size_t append in 1.6
clientcursor.h more const
cloner.cpp rs rollback work 162 163
cmdline.cpp fix docs for pidfilepath SERVER-1706
cmdline.h SERVER-1523 and some diagui fixes
commands.cpp security fix
commands.h cleaning
common.cpp Add license headers for some files.
concurrency.h cleaning
curop.h fix nested CurOp cleaning SERVER-1610
cursor.cpp stdafx->pch
cursor.h Cursor::supportYields SERVER-1453
database.cpp Database::flushFiles and use in rs for speed
database.h fix an old but serious bug with cursors 162
db.cpp cleaning formatting
db.h cleanup failed Database creation
db.rc RC script that compiles with Visual Studio Express and includes the m…
db.sln boost etc mnior
db.vcproj new file rs
db.vcxproj rs move error checking logic to the right place 161
db.vcxproj.filters rs move error checking logic to the right place 161
db_10.sln rs hbmsg is too dumb and sticks forever. making it only show for a sh…
dbcommands.cpp debugging for slow server status
dbcommands_admin.cpp quieter on test run
dbcommands_generic.cpp extraneous newline in logging
dbeval.cpp SERVER-778 don't allow running write command with read lock
dbhelpers.cpp release ClientCursor in removeRange since sometimes the cursor itself…
dbhelpers.h rs handle rollbacks from capped collections
dbmessage.h messasge debugging
dbwebserver.cpp fix help title
dbwebserver.h cleaning up webserver status main page
diskloc.h change LazyString to toString rather than (string)
driverHelpers.cpp Command::run gets "test" not "test.$cmd"
extsort.cpp warning
extsort.h stdafx->pch
filever.h datafile ver checking beginnings
flushtest.cpp stdafx.h -> pch.h part 2
index.cpp MutexDebugger
index.h change LazyString to toString rather than (string)
indexkey.cpp more debugging
indexkey.h cleaning
instance.cpp idiot compiler
instance.h fix getMore with sharding+rs in edge case SERVER-1584
introspect.cpp stdafx->pch
introspect.h stdafx->pch
javatest.cpp Replace tab indentation with spaces
jsobj.cpp change back header-only bson
jsobj.h SERVER-1270 StringData unit test
jsobjmanipulator.h some $inc tests for long long
json.cpp I didn't understand strnlen's return value SERVER-1416
json.h Support getting size of JSON object
lasterror.cpp crazy buildbot warnings
lasterror.h remove mechanism to put mongos -> mongod connections in last error id…
matcher.cpp minor: recursive -> nested
matcher.h avoid matching old or clauses unnecessarily
matcher_covered.cpp SERVER-109 cleanup
minilex.h cleaning to remove warning MINOR
module.cpp stdafx->pch
module.h stdafx->pch
mongo.ico rs
mr.cpp when map/reduce has no output data, rename anyway SERVER-2394
namespace.cpp better asserts
namespace.h SERVER-1549 implement empty capped
nonce.cpp MutexDebugger
nonce.h bug fix with OID generation on OS X (init order problem)
oplog.cpp clean logging
oplog.h more const
oplogreader.h rs show progress
pcre.txt makefile
pdfile.cpp fix follow up extent sizing when an int overflow SERVER-2287
pdfile.h better error message on corruptioun
query.cpp SERVER-1671 pair1.js failing
query.h store rolled back info in flat files SERVER-1512
queryoptimizer.cpp when using a special index, don't record because may screw up later S…
queryoptimizer.h SERVER-1453 yield during geo query
queryutil.cpp SERVER-1883 expand nested array fields when testing document for matc…
queryutil.h Use FieldRangeOrSet to support $or with sharding
rec.h remove reccache (mostly)
reccache.cpp remove reccache (mostly)
reccache.h remove reccache (mostly)
reci.h make recstoreinterface nonvirtual so it's slightly faster
recstore.h remove reccache (mostly)
repl.cpp add doc link for bad repl source SERVER-978
repl.h cleaning
repl_block.cpp fix isMaster detection SERVER-1544
repl_block.h stdafx.h -> pch.h part 2
replpair.h fix segfault on repl set slave before inited SERVER-1656 1.6 version
resource.h rs
restapi.cpp clean up diags clientcursor after changes
scanandorder.h fix bugs with query yielding 162
security.cpp stdafx->pch
security.h MutexDebugger
security_commands.cpp cleaning
storage.cpp remove reccache (mostly)
tests.cpp stdafx->pch
update.cpp fix lexNumCmp with magic end of marker
update.h out of range string access
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