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@estolfo estolfo released this Sep 21, 2016 · 613 commits to master since this release

This is the general release of Mongoid 6.0, which supports Rails 5.
Please see the release notes for version 6.0.0.beta and 6.0.0.rc0 for more details on changes since the 5.x series.

Please note that JRuby 9.0 preforms much slower and uses more memory than we've seen with previous JRuby and Mongoid versions. You may want to put off upgrading to JRuby 9.0 + Mongoid 6.0 until the JRuby team has resolved some performance issues. Here is the relevant github issue with the JRuby project.

This release contains the following changes in addition to those list in the beta and rc0 versions of Mongoid 6.0.0.

  • Require Ruby driver >= 2.3 so that keys can be validated upon insert.
  • MONGOID-3843 Ensure that the output db is queried in mapReduce operations.
  • MONGOID-4173 Fix nested eager loading.
  • MONGOID-4280 Allow both Strings and Symbols to be used when accessing values in the as_document object.
  • MONGOID-4313 Fix nil errors in Eager loading.
  • Avoid NoMethodError when using #nested (@quinn)
  • Update list of tested Ruby versions in Readme (@tricknotes)
  • Documentation updates for 6.0
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