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@estolfo estolfo released this Jul 13, 2016 · 664 commits to master since this release

This is a beta release of Mongoid 6.0, which supports Rails 5.

Mongoid 6.0 has a number of bug fixes, API changes, and improvements:

Bug fixes

  • MONGOID-3243 #find_or_create_by does not respect dynamic collection setting.
  • MONGOID-3551 Fix adding nested documents to nested relation using accepts_nested_attributes_for
  • MONGOID-4228 Fix using $not, $and, $or on embedded document queries. (@jonhyman)
  • MONGOID-4241 Only update timestamp when calling #touch, regardless of what other changes are pending. (@connerfritz)
  • MONGOID-4272 Fix replacing relation when it is already set as an instance variable.

API and behavior changes

Improvements and features

  • MONGOID-4012 Add max_time_ms as an option on Criteria.
  • MONGOID-4261, MONGOID-3887 Assign hash attributes in #first_or_* methods on Criteria.
  • MONGOID-3074 Consider time zones when returning distinct query results
  • MONGOID-3158 DateTime#mongoize and Date#mongoize return nil for invalid strings.
  • MONGOID-3842 Allow cache timestamp format to be changed. (@DouweM)
  • MONGOID-3875 Note in documentation that Mongoid::Attributes::Dynamic is needed when using counter_cache.
  • MONGOID-4129 Close connections opened by calling #with.
  • MONGOID-4218 Support Rails 5
  • MONGOID-4225 Incorporate separate Origin gem into Mongoid's codebase.
  • MONGOID-4266 Support passing multiple contexts to #valid?
  • MONGOID-4267 Support #attr_name_previously_changed? and #attr_name_previous_change
  • Add sorting options to the cache key (@jefmathiot)
  • Don't allow method names containing hyphens (@tdonia)

Closed tickets without fix needed

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