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@@ -32,7 +32,10 @@ executed with the (result, error) of the operation as in Motor 0.1. If no
callback is passed, a Future is returned that resolves to the method's
result or error.
-The ``length`` argument to :meth:`MotorCursor.to_list` is no longer optional.
+The ``length`` argument to :meth:`MotorCursor.to_list` is no longer optional:
+it's dangerous to let Motor buffer unlimited data from a single query.
+You can pass ``None`` as the length if you still want to retrieve the whole
+result set as a single list, no matter how large.
:class:`MotorPool` has been rewritten, both to support the same new features
as the new PyMongo 2.6 Pool, and to stop subclassing PyMongo's Pool to protect
@@ -45,6 +48,16 @@ Motor somewhat from PyMongo changes.
``waitQueueMultiple``. Timeouts raise a PyMongo :exc:`ConnectionFailure`;
:exc:`MotorPoolTimeout` is gone.
+Motor can take advantage of Tornado 3's `asynchronous resolver interface`_. By
+default, Motor still uses blocking DNS, but you can do configure non-blocking
+lookup with a threaded resolver::
+ Resolver.configure('tornado.netutil.ThreadedResolver')
+Or install `pycares`_ and use the c-ares resolver:
+ Resolver.configure('tornado.platform.caresresolver.CaresResolver')
The ``MotorCursor.tail`` method has been removed. It was complex, diverged from
PyMongo's feature set, and encouraged overuse of MongoDB capped collections as
message queues when a purpose-built message queue is more appropriate. An
@@ -60,6 +73,9 @@ Tornado 3's ``Future`` interface has equivalent functionality.
:meth:`~web.GridFSHandler.get_gridfs_file` now
returns a Future instead of accepting a callback.
+.. _asynchronous resolver interface:
+.. _pycares:

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