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+## Contributing to the driver
+### Bugfixes
+- Before starting to write code, look for existing [tickets]( or [create one]( for your specific issue. That way you avoid working on something that might not be of interest or that has been addressed already in a different branch.
+- Fork the [repo]( _or_ for small documentation changes, navigate to the source on github and click the [Edit]( button.
+- Follow the general coding style of the rest of the project:
+ - 2 space tabs
+ - no trailing whitespace
+ - comma last
+ - inline documentation for new methods, class members, etc
+ - 0 space between conditionals/functions, and their parenthesis and curly braces
+ - `if(..) {`
+ - `for(..) {`
+ - `while(..) {`
+ - `function(err) {`
+- Write tests and make sure they pass (execute `make test` from the cmd line to run the test suite).
+### Documentation
+To contribute to the [API documentation]( just make your changes to the inline documentation of the appropriate [source code]( in the master branch and submit a [pull request]( You might also use the github [Edit]( button.
+If you'd like to preview your documentation changes, first commit your changes to your local master branch, then execute `make generate_docs`. Make sure you have the python documentation framework sphinx installed `easy_install sphinx`. The docs are generated under `docs/build'. If all looks good, submit a [pull request]( to the master branch with your changes.

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