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@baileympearson baileympearson released this 31 Jan 21:10
· 383 commits to main since this release

The MongoDB Node.js team is pleased to announce version 5.0.0 of the mongodb package!

Release Highlights

Node.js driver v5 emphazises the modernization of our API.

Farewell to Callbacks

Most notably, we have removed support for callbacks in favor of a Promise-only public API.
To ease the migration to a Promise-only approach when using the Node.js driver, callback support is available via the mongodb-legacy package. You can read more about this change in the Optional callback support migrated to mongodb-legacy section of the migration guide.

Dot Notation No Longer Enabled by Default

Version 4.3.0 of the Node.js driver introduced strict type checking on Filter queries that used dot notation. This functionality was enabled by default and proved to be a barrier for users upgrading to later versions of the Node.js v4.x driver. In order to ease the migration to v5.0.0, type strictness on queries that use dot notation has been removed from the CRUD API. The type checking capabilities are still available in an experimental type called StrictFilter. You can read more about this change in the Dot Notation TypeScript Support Removed By Default section of the migration guide.


This release also adopts all the changes in BSON v5.0.0 (see the release notes).
The driver now exports a BSON namespace that also has BSON.EJSON APIs available.
When working in projects where both the driver and bson are used, we recommend importing BSON types (ObjectId, Long, etc.) and BSON APIs from the driver instead of from BSON directly to ensure consistency when serializing and deserializing instances of the BSON types.

Other Notable Changes

@aws-sdk/credential-providers has now been moved to an optional peer dependency.
Consequently, in v5.0.0 or later versions of the driver, the AWS credential provider module must be installed manually to enable the use of the native AWS SDK for authentication.

Collection.insert, Collection.update, and Collection.remove methods have been removed in favor of their non-deprecated counterparts. You can read more about this and other changes in our Driver v5 Migration Guide.




We invite you to try the mongodb library and report any issues to the NODE project.