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@github-actions github-actions released this 20 Oct 15:05

6.2.0 (2023-10-19)

The MongoDB Node.js team is pleased to announce version 6.2.0 of the mongodb package!

Release Notes

Updated to BSON 6.2.0

BSON now prints in full color! 🌈 πŸš€

See our release notes for BSON 6.2.0 here for more examples!

insertedIds in bulk write now contain only successful insertions

Prior to this fix, the bulk write error's result.insertedIds property contained the _id of each attempted insert in a bulk operation.

Now, when a bulkwrite() or an insertMany() operation rejects one or more inserts, throwing an error, the error's result.insertedIds property will only contain the _id fields of successfully inserted documents.

Fixed edge case leak in findOne()

When running a findOne against a time series collection, the driver left the implicit session for the cursor un-ended due to the way the server returns the resulting cursor information. Now the cursor will always be cleaned up regardless of the outcome of the find operation.

Removed client-side collection and database name validation

Database and collection name checking will now be in sync with the MongoDB server's naming restrictions. Specifically, users can now create collections that start or end with the '.' character.


Bug Fixes


We invite you to try the mongodb library immediately, and report any issues to the NODE project.