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npm install mongodb

Running the tests

Before running make test_all or make test_all_junit make sure your mongo db bin directory is in the path so mongod can be executed

For the make test, please ensure you have a mongodb instance running on the default db port as it does not bootstrap the server instances like make test_all or make test_all_junit does.

There are a couple of different test running targets doing different things, this is mostly to simplify development as the replicaset tests take a long time to run. The targets are

  make test              // builds the bson extension and runs the testsuite for all tests
                         // minus the replicaset tests twice. Once using the js bson parser and
                         // once using the native c++ parser
  make test_all          // Runs all the tests including replicaset tests
  make test_all_junit    // Runs all the tests including replicaset tests and puts junit.xml output in 
                         // the ./output folder


Before the usage in README.rdoc, you need to:

var mongodb = require("mongodb"),
    Db = mongodb.Db,
    Server = mongodb.Server;