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#! /usr/bin/env python
# Look at the cascades for arrDelay, particularly with aircrafts
import pymongo
import datetime
import pprint
import os
import sys
from bson.code import Code
from pymongo import MongoClient
portNum = 27017
portNum = int(os.environ["PORT"])
except KeyError:
print "Please set the environment variable $PORT"
client = MongoClient("localhost", 27017)
collection = client["flying"]["flights"]
It's easier to think about finding cascading delays recursively
than iteratively. But for efficiency purposes, we decided to
implement the function below (findNumCascDelays) iteratively.
First, we obtain the set S
where S = { flights that left early but arrived late }
then for every x in S, we obtain
the number of cascading delays that x caused
(on the same aircraft).
def findNumCascDelays(tailNum, crsArrTime):
tailNum -> tail number of aircraft delayed
crsArrTime -> scheduled arrival time for delayed aircraft
# find all the flights by that aircraft scheduled after the first
# arrival time
after = collection.find({"tailNum" : tailNum,
"crsDepTime" : {"$gt" : crsArrTime}}).sort([("crsDepTime", 1)])
if after.count() == 0:
return 0
num = 0
for trip in after:
if ("depDelay" in trip and "arrDelay" in trip \
and "lateAircraftDelay" in trip ):
if (trip["depDelay"] > 0 and trip["arrDelay"] > 0 \
and trip["lateAircraftDelay"] > 0):
num += 1
return num
if __name__ == "__main__":
# find all the flights that leave on time but arrive late, thereby causing
# cascading delays
first = collection.find({"depDelay" : {"$lte":0}, "arrDelay" : {"$gt" : 0}}, timeout=False)
num = 0
delays = 0
for doc in first:
delays += findNumCascDelays(doc["tailNum"], doc["crsArrTime"])
num += 1
if num % 10000 == 0:
print num, "late arrival flights have caused", delays, "delays"
print "On average, per late flight causes", float(delays) / float(num), "cascading delays"
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