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#! /usr/bin/env python
import pymongo
import pprint
import os
import sys
from pymongo import MongoClient
portNum = 27017
portNum = int(os.environ["PORT"])
except KeyError:
print "Please set the environment variable $PORT"
client = MongoClient("localhost", portNum)
coll = client["flying"]["flights"]
newcoll = client["flying"]["fpg_0"]
def convertToGraph():
convertToGraph ->
converts the flights dataset to a graph.
The flights dataset essentially contains only
edges. So we had to create starting and end
nodes for each flight. The nodes correspond
to the airports and the flights correspond to edges.
The graph is stored in the "fpg_0" collection.
origstoouts = {}
# get the total number of flights out of each airport to every other airport
eachOutcome = coll.aggregate({"$group" : {"_id" : {"orig" : "$origAirportId", "dest" : "$destAirportId"}, "flew" : {"$sum" : 1}}})
for r in eachOutcome["result"]:
orig = r["_id"]["orig"]
dest = r["_id"]["dest"]
origstoouts.setdefault(orig, {"totalouts": 0, "toeach" : {}})
origstoouts[orig]["toeach"].setdefault(dest, 0)
origstoouts[orig]["toeach"][dest] += r["flew"]
origstoouts[orig]["totalouts"] += r["flew"]
# get the origAirportId
origs = coll.distinct("origAirportId")
allairports = frozenset(coll.distinct("destAirportId")) | frozenset(origs)
# go through every airport
# and set "totalouts" to 0 if totalouts doesn't exist
# starting pagerank value for all airports
totalNodes = float(len(allairports))
st = 1/totalNodes
# for each distinct airport
bulkData = []
num = 0
for airportId in allairports:
doc = {"_id": str(airportId), "value" : {"totalNodes" : totalNodes, "pg" : st, "prs" : {}}}
# need to get the number of total outgoing flights
if airportId in origstoouts and "totalouts" in origstoouts[airportId]:
totalCount = origstoouts[airportId]["totalouts"]
for otherAirport, flew in origstoouts[airportId]["toeach"].items():
doc["value"]["prs"][str(otherAirport)] = float(flew) / totalCount
if len(bulkData) % 1000 == 0:
num += 1000
print num, "airports have been inserted into fpg_0 so far"
bulkData = []
if __name__ == "__main__":
# convert the Flights dataset to a graph for use in PageRank
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