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Commits on Jul 25, 2010
  1. @durran

    Bumping to version beta 11

    durran committed
  2. @durran

    Hooking in the safety DSL on a per-query basis.

    durran committed
    The safety DSL can now be used like so:
    Person.safely.create(:title => "Sir")!
    The Safety proxy delegates using method_missing
    except in the cases of methods that take an
    attributes hash. This is because we did not want
    to throw a :safe => true in the hash and then
    remove it later - safe is too common of a word
    and could be used as a field/attribute and
    collide with this functionality. I've deemed the
    slight duplication acceptable.
  3. @durran
  4. @durran

    Persistence commands now accept an options hash.

    durran committed
    This is so that instead of just passing in a boolean
    to alert it to validate or not, we can now provide
    a safe mode option on a per query basis. Also other
    options could be supplied in the future.
  5. @durran

    Adding in Mongoid::Safety module.

    durran committed
    This first commit introduces the class and instance level
    methods "safely" which will be used as a DSL to indicate
    the chained database operation should execute in safe
  6. @durran

    Passing a boolean no longer allowed for save.

    durran committed
    To stay consistent with Rails on this front, in order
    to persist with no validation, :validate => false must
    be passed as an argument.
  7. @durran

    Slight formatting change

    durran committed
  8. @durran

    Updating warning message

    durran committed
Commits on Jul 24, 2010
  1. @durran
  2. @durran
  3. @durran
  4. @durran
  5. @durran
  6. @durran

    Adding completely ridiculous, over-the-top install message so everyon…

    durran committed
    …e knows the id changes on next version.
  7. @durran

    Renaming some test vars

    durran committed
  8. @durran

    Plugging in new identity behavior

    durran committed
    - Mongoid.use_object_ids has now been removed.
    - Documents now default to using object ids.
    - Document.indentify :type => String can be used to change id type.
    - Moved Mongoid.convert_to_object_id to Criteria and renamed to
    - Removed the double rake run since id configuration is not global
  9. @durran
  10. @durran

    Added ability to define the id type on per model basis.

    durran committed
    Document.identity take a Hash of options and the :type
    option will set the type that the id for the model will
    be. This will start out by only supporting String and
    BSON::ObjectID and defaults to the later.
  11. @durran

    Pulling key functionality out into its own module.

    durran committed with Pairing Workstation Calculon
Commits on Jul 23, 2010
  1. @durran

    Bumping version to beta 10

    durran committed
  2. @jacquescrocker
  3. @bernerdschaefer

    Add conversions to enable field :type => Symbol

    Damien Mathieu committed with bernerdschaefer
Commits on Jul 22, 2010
  1. @jacquescrocker

    Track descendent Mongoid::Documents via descendents module method.

    jacquescrocker committed
    Removes use of ObjectSpace from `rake db:create_indexes`
  2. @bernerdschaefer

    Document#remove resets attribute to correct value

    bernerdschaefer committed
    [resolves github issue #180]
  3. @bernerdschaefer


    bernerdschaefer committed
  4. @shingara @bernerdschaefer
  5. @smh @jacquescrocker

    Only delete embedded documents if _destroy parameter has a true value…

    smh committed with jacquescrocker
    …. Truth check copied from ActiveRecord
  6. @jacquescrocker
  7. @jacquescrocker
  8. @bernerdschaefer

    Default attributes for references one/many create

    bernerdschaefer committed
    [Resolves github issue #175]
  9. @jacquescrocker
  10. @bernerdschaefer

    ReferencesManyAsArray works with ReferencedIn

    bernerdschaefer committed
    When setting the parent attribute on the child document we check whether
    the association is a references_many or referenced_in to decide if we
    need to push or set the id.
    [Resolves github issue #206]
  11. @bernerdschaefer

    Execute `rake spec` from `rake spec:all`

    bernerdschaefer committed
    Shell scripts exit when they encounter failures, and call `rake` instead
    of `rake spec`.
  12. @bernerdschaefer

    ReferencesManyAsArray does not require inverse association

    bernerdschaefer committed
    Since a references_many :stored_as => :array association stores the
    related object ids in an internal collection, setting the inverse
    association is optional. This allows for one-way referential
  13. @bernerdschaefer
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