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Commits on Jun 16, 2010
  1. @durran

    Updating to 2.0.0.beta7

    durran authored
  2. @durran
  3. @durran

    Updated must properly clear out changes on children after tree persis…

    durran authored
    …tence in order not to get double pushes or unnecessary duplicate updates after a save
  4. @durran

    Adding in pending specs for the removal of embedded documents without…

    durran authored
    … going through delete or destroy
  5. @durran
  6. @durran
  7. @durran
  8. @durran

    Updating test logging

    durran authored
  9. @durran
  10. @durran
  11. @durran

    Updating to rspec beta 12

    durran authored
  12. @durran
  13. @durran
  14. @durran
  15. @durran
  16. @durran

    Slight module reorganization

    durran authored
  17. @durran
  18. @durran
  19. @durran
Commits on Jun 12, 2010
  1. @railsjedi
  2. @railsjedi

    Adding XML Serializer back

    railsjedi authored
  3. @railsjedi

    Typo in tzinfo

    railsjedi authored
  4. @railsjedi
  5. @shingara @railsjedi

    Chaning before_validate to be before_validation instead

    shingara authored railsjedi committed
    ActiveModel interferes with before_validate. before_validation is more appropriate (also how ActiveRecord does it)
  6. @paulrosania @railsjedi
  7. @railsjedi

    Fixed bug where delete_all would not correctly respect class hierarch…

    Matthew Wozniak authored railsjedi committed
    Document::delete_all is now compatable with Documents that are both hereditary and not hereditary
Commits on Jun 9, 2010
  1. @railsjedi

    Add back mongoid generator to Railtie

    railsjedi authored
    this sets the default orm to mongoid unless specifically overwritten
  2. @railsjedi

    Removing Gemfile.lock and gitignoring it

    railsjedi authored
    so we can use both Bundler 0.9 and Bundler 1.0
  3. @railsjedi
  4. @durran

    Updating to activemodel beta 4

    durran authored
  5. @railsjedi
  6. @railsjedi
  7. @railsjedi

    Updating gem dependencies

    railsjedi authored
  8. @railsjedi
Commits on Jun 7, 2010
  1. @railsjedi
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