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Commits on Jan 29, 2011
  1. @durran

    Bumping version to rc.7

    durran authored
  2. @durran

    Nullification of associated documents loads and saves the inverse:

    durran authored
    - I love it when bug fixes mean less code. Fixes #604.
  3. @durran

    Allow #any_of criteria on embeds many relations:

    durran authored
    - Refactored the matchers to use a strategy class to get the appropriate
      matcher for the selector. This allowed for the Or matcher to use the
      same strategy and be able to recursively match for more complex or
    - Fixes #627.
  4. @durran

    Refactoring dirty spec

    durran authored
  5. @durran

    Adding spec to show hash persistence with invalid keys raises correct

    durran authored
    errors. Fixes #472.
    - Sometimes the BSON gem catches the invalid hash keys, sometimes the
      error is raised by Mongo. In order for you to get the error back from
      Mongo you must be persisting in safe mode. This is by design, no
      change in Mongoid needed.
Commits on Jan 28, 2011
  1. @msolli @durran

    Update updated_at field on document create. #623

    msolli authored durran committed
  2. @durran
  3. @durran

    Diverting all BSON::ObjectId conversion calls through

    durran authored
    - This now handles all the conversions, for every case.
    - Allows proper String -> ObjectId conversions in the criteria methods
      that pass through #update_selector: all_in, any_in, any_of, and,
      where, excludes, not_in.
    - Fixes #370.
    - Fixes #395.
    - Fixes #372.
Commits on Jan 27, 2011
  1. @durran
  2. @durran
  3. @durran

    Make sure binding on many-to-many relations is truly binding.

    durran authored
    - There should never be a :binding => false option coming out of a
      binding object. Shouldn't have missed that.
    - This is second part fix for #611. Next is on to the delete.
  4. @etehtsea

    fix spec

    etehtsea authored
  5. @etehtsea

    fix typo in bg locale

    etehtsea authored
  6. @etehtsea

    fix root for zh-CN locale

    etehtsea authored
  7. @etehtsea
  8. @etehtsea
  9. @durran
  10. @durran

    Removing second check - array should always check for inclusion no ma…

    durran authored
    …tter what the other type is.
  11. @durran
  12. @durran
  13. @visnup @durran

    references_many should return [] during initialization of the parent.

    visnup authored durran committed
    Before this, during initialization, the relation would return nil for
    references_many relations with no metadata present to introspect.
  14. @visnup @durran

    Accept nested attributes for an embeds_one with an incoming string Ob…

    visnup authored durran committed
    Rails passes all argument values as strings. So, for an embeds_one using
    nested_attributes_for, it needs to be able to accept an id and still convert
    it to an ObjectId.
  15. @etehtsea

    russian translation

    etehtsea authored
Commits on Jan 26, 2011
  1. @durran

    Don't fire timestamp or versioning callbacks if the document is not

    durran authored
    - This is first part fix for #611. Second part is making sure save isnt
      called in the first place unless an id has changed.
  2. @durran

    Set deeply embedded documents properly when nesting attributes:

    durran authored
    - Stolen from @peterhume's fork
    - Fixes #593.
  3. @durran
  4. @durran
  5. @visnup @durran
  6. @zdennis @durran
Commits on Jan 25, 2011
  1. @durran
  2. Add passing specs for issue #597

    Paul Elliott authored
Commits on Jan 24, 2011
  1. Fix typo

    Rogelio J. Samour and Tim Pope authored Hashrocket Workstation committed
  2. @durran
  3. @durran
  4. @durran
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